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Aug 2, 2009 06:56 AM

Let Them Eat Cupcakes- Doylestown

Went there for the first time yesterday. It's tucked away in a little spot on E. Oakland. Really delicious cupcakes. I had the winner, the banana butterscotch, wife had the red velvet. A nice little treat.

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  1. Thanks for posting, I was curious about that place. I want to try their cakes and also the Beer Geek place nearby. Good thing I love walking my dog around doylestown, water bowls and even doggie treats are put out for dogs everywhere. I walked past an outdoor bar area the other night and a nice lady said dogs were welcome on the terrace their too. I forget the name, but it was right above the new little park between state street and court street. I saw a tiny shop that sells homemade dog treats, and another that has dog coats and such. Wow this post is rambly! Anyhow Doylestown needed a new place to get baked goods right in town. I still miss Hornbergers!

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      Ha! That's funny, we were out and about with our chocolate lab and he loved those dog places as well.!
      I did duck into the beer geek place, which I think is an outpost of Stephanie's? Impressive selection (I think they listed over 300 options). Mix and match your beers, when you buy 6 or more, you get a 10% discount.

    2. What a delightful store to add to Doylestown! I ordered a bunch of different cupcakes for my neigborhor's b-day. We had a blast cutting up the different ones into quarters and taste testing them. The kids went nuts over the cookies 'n cream. Yes, banana butterscotch was outstanding. I also recommend taking the chocolate turtle and nuking it for about 7 seconds just to make it extra gooey. It's really a nice treat and good destination if you like to stroll thru d-town with the kids.

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        Drool. Now I really have to get there. My friend was just talking about how New Hope seems hit by the recession and I noted that skippack seems kind of wilted right now too (just my perception) but Doylestown is hopping! And the awful terrible horrible low carb craze seems to be dying out too! Woot!

      2. Finally limbo-ed in just under the wire today. It was like four minutes of six but the guy coudln't have been nicer. I got a red velvet cupcake that he iced for me and also a cappuchino cupcake still in the case. It was almost closing and there wasn't much left in the case but he hadn't put his supplies away yet and cheerfully grabbed the red velvet from in back. Wow! The icing on the red velvet was really creamy and rich. My friend liked it a lot too. In my opinion the cappuchino one was even better. I can't wait to go back and try more. When I left I was dazzled by a really cute pug. Her owner said the pug had been lavished with attention for the entire walk, but the doggie wasn't too jaded to receive a few more pats! I really have to get to Doylestown more often.

        1. just wanted to post my 2 cents and say that these are some of the best cupcakes i've had. it's the perfect little treat after a date night at the county.

          1. the place changed owners June 2011 and the cupcakes are mediocre at best. I had a terribly dry one yesterday and the only icing she uses is buttercream, which was good, but i like variety. What's wrong with cream cheese, lemon, strawberry or chocolate or....

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              i love this place. best red velvet and the owner is always trying new and different flavors. Pistachio, hazelnut, blood orange. anything i have gotten there is always moist and delicious,the butter cream is sublime, not sickening sweet. i had the amazing hummingbird, i do believe it had a creamcheese frosting. worth the ride to doylestown!!