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Aug 2, 2009 06:49 AM

Vero Beach Restarurant Reviews

Just returned from a week in Vero. Here are our hits and misses.

Red Onion-located by the boardwalk and only open for lunch. Our lunch here was excellent. They have a large selection of paninis, sandwiches and salads. My husband had a grouper sandwich that he said was the best preparation of grouper he had during the entire stay. They also have homemade potato chips that are outstanding. There is an ice cream shop next door that also makes wonderful ice cream.

Mulligans-Have ocean side tables and a wide menu selection. Steak here was excellent.

Bella Napoli-located off US 1-this was a definite highlight of our dining experience. Small locally owned Italian restaurant with fantastic food. Clam spaghetti was the best I have ever had. They also have a rum cake that is not to be missed. Service was wonderful as well. Everyone in our party loved the food and experience.

Cobalt-located inside the Vero Beach Hotel and Spa. A great place for fine dining. Menu is innovative and a strong focus on organic foods. We had a wedge salad with smoked ham, black eyed peas and a blue cheese dressing which we loved. We also got the filet which had a nice sauce and presentation. It was topped with perfectly cooked house made onion rings.

Ocean Grill-nice ocean views from inside the restaurant but food was overpriced and mediocre at best.

Aye Jalisco-worst Mexican food I've ever had.

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  1. We just returned from Vero as well. i would have to say that I definitely agree with you regarding the Ocean Grill. The menu selections were limited and somewhat dated. Mediocre is definitely the word that came to mind.

    On the other hand Oriente at the Costa d'Este had a pretty serviceable array of sandwiches including a great salmon BLT and salads, the Lobster cobb was a hit.

    1. Ocean Grill is so overrated. I simply do not go there. Would consider going there with family from the midwest who don't like food anyway but would like the view. Otherwise: avoid.

      1. Forgot: The pickings are pretty slim in Vero. A good restaurant which I love for its trendy/funky/fun vibe in oh-so-buttoned-up Vero is Undertow. Disclaimer: I do know the owner. But I'd like Undertow regardless.

        1. i had seen references to the Red Onion of the boards and tried it the other day when i was in town. little hole in the wall on the beach. several people, including the guy at the counter (owner?) recommended the crunchy grouper rueben, which didn't sound that great, but i decided to try it anyway. it was crunchy alright, and probably the most overcooked piece of fish i ever attempted to eat. it was smothered in cheese and thousand island dressing, but not enough to cover up the carboard fish underneath. A cook came out to get a drink and must have seen the expression on my face. she offered to make another, but i just couldn't stomach the odea. instead, i asked for a "Sassy", which is roast beef with horseradish and BBQ sauce. once again, didn't sound promising, and it was lousy. no horseradish, in fact, several ingredients seemed to be missing, leaving me with a very salty roast beef sandwich with BBQ sauce. i forced it down and got some ice cream next door just to get the idea of the Red Onion out of my mouth. both sandwiches were small for the price--- with a drink, about $13.

          1. A local secret is Melody Inn & Restaurant in downtown Vero - French,German = Swiss - try the weiner snitzel a la Holstein for something old world authentic....

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              spent a week in vero recently and had a few very good meals. first let me say that i have spent a lot of time in south florida and i have never been in vero beach and it's great. two restaurants that stood out were the tides near the beach which had very good, modern american food and felix's place cuban where everything was delicious, the people friendly, and the singers great. you have to go to felix's if you are in vero.