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Aug 2, 2009 06:36 AM

1854 and Pietra at the Stone House Little Compton RI

Has anyone had a meal at either of these new jems in Little Compton. We were down visiting friends and stopped in for a drink. Both restaurants look great and the menus / pricing look very just as good. Pietra's menu was full of local veg. and seafood and 1854's was more fine dining and rustic.
I am calling for a reservation for this week.

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  1. We went a few weeks ago - Pietra was Fantastic!!! (not sure 1854 is open yet) The food, The Wine, The Drinks, and The View = all worth the $$! - the only thing I would change, the servers seems young and inexperienced (but that wasn't a deal breaker) They have done a great job renovating the space, it's beautiful! This area needed a good restaurant - I would highly recommend it - I wish we lived closer.... I've also heard the Spa is magnificent! I can't wait to go back!

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      Dinner in Pietra was one of the best ever. All local and organic, both produce and meats. The chef there has partnered with all the local farmers and you can tell because the food is remarkable. The service at dinner was as good as any high end place in Boston. I had brunch on Sunday, and the service felt a bit "younger" than dinner, but as you say "wasn't a deal breaker" at all. Can't wait to try the!

    2. I went on August 17. The room was gorgeous, the service naive but adequate. Wine choices by the glass had some good drinks but the best were very pricey. A first course of scallops on a slab of carmelized onion-filled ravioli was mixed. The scallops were perfectly cooked and delicious with a few ribbons of roasted pepper. The pasta dough was tough and cardboard-like, a real disappointment. The entree of lobster out of the shell was good, but not spectacular for the high price, and again had a mushy, inedible gnocchi with it. I want this place to succeed but someone has to learn to make pasta right, especially for the NY prices.

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        Ps. with the wine, you can get a LOT of different kinds that you wouldn't ordinarily get by the glass, by the glass. I tried a couple of new wines there that I have now fallen in love with. A fun thing =)

      2. I've eaten at Pietra numerous times - brunch, lunch, dinner. I absolutely LOVE the food! Some of my favorite dishes are:

        Goat cheese croquetas salad - so yummy, and has only gotten better as summer as gone on!
        Little Gem salad - essentially a caesar. I don't order it with anchovies. Yum.
        Eggs Benedict - quite delicious! And filling. Really good biscuit!

        Lamb with semolina onion rings - OMG. Heaven on earth!!! Quite filling, and not exactly the dish you want for a hot summer day. But, as we haven't had a lot of those, it suits me fine

        I still need to go back and taste the desserts -- I'm always too full after a salad and entree.

        Only problem? Service is often slow. But, I got to say -- it's going to be hard to attract top notch servers to a sleepy RI summer place in the middle of nowhere!

        Is 1854 open? I didn't think it was. I am looking forward to trying it when it is!!!

        Overall, Pietra is a must for the food, and the space inside is unique to a sleepy RI town. Fun for brunch too. But I warn you, be patient with the service. They're working on it, but slowly.

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          They say that they are aiming at a Sept. 1 opening for 1854.

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            I just read that the 1854 Tap Room will open Friday, September 4th for dinner. Menu looks great on line.

        2. Tap Room 1854 is opening Friday, September 4 for dinner....the Tuscan t-bone with fried local oysters is calling my name.

          1. Unfortunately, 1854 is a disaster. I first ate there about a week after it opened in early September and had a fabulous meal -- so good, I made a reservation for last night, a Saturday, with 7 friends. It was a service disaster. The problem is not so much the food, which even in this meltdown situation was still OK, but the service. From host to server, it was uncaring, inept, even discourteous. Sure they were busy and under pressure, but that is just no excuse. Read the whole story on