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Aug 2, 2009 06:08 AM


what are the names and locations of three or four chocolatiers to die for in paris?

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  1. One of my favorites is Debauve and Gallais on rue St. Pere in St. Germain. Love their Les Incroyables!

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      This topic has been discussed a lot of times already. Did you do a search yet?
      If not, here's a pretty long thread about the best and most well known chocolatiers:

      As for each others preferences, I'd say that's pretty personal and one cannot argue that much about it.
      I for myself love Jean-Paul Hévin.

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        I like Josephine Vannier on a small street off the Place des Vosges ( rue de la Pas de la Mule). The chocolates are delicious,with the added pleasue of being made in different and unusual shapes. The last ones I bought were in the shape of artist's easels with the 'colors' in various tints of chocolate. Call first- they have very odd hours.

    2. thanks,will look at the thread suggested.

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        you can combine this on a Sunday with a visit to the open air market at the Bastille stop of the metro-on the Blvd.Richard Lenoir-open until 1ish, followed by lunch and then a visit to Josephine Vannier. A very nice day