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Aug 2, 2009 03:22 AM

Donut Plant - 2 donuts, 1 chance

Visiting the Donut Plant, and I've only got one shot. If you could only pick 2 donuts, which two would they be? First time there, heard about it for years, won't get another chance for many months.

I'm thinking Coconut Creme, and Tres Leches. Your two?

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  1. I like the myer lemon ones the best.

    1. Do they offer the CC everyday?

      The Tres Leches is great. I had the Bluebery a couple of times recently and really enjoyed it. They'd also made Lavender but were already sold out of the yeast variety. I wanted the Meyer Lemon but they weren't offering them either day I visited.

      Are you going alone? I'd probably do one cake and one yeast.

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      1. Peanut butter & jelly and tres leches.

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          The Blackout is a necessity. A must have. I usually don't mess with the yeast donuts, but the coconut cream is pretty good. I haven't had a bad cake donut. Most recently the chocolate covered banana was worth getting several. If they have raspberry or strawberry glazed cake I would go for that. Tres leches is cool but sweet overload- too much for me. The lavender was worth a try but if you have 1 shot choose something else.

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            Can someone please explain what a Chocolate Blackout is? Particularly if it has dark chocolate (which I do not care for) in it?

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              Valrhona chocolate cake doughnut with Valrhona chocolate cream filling and Valrhona chocolate glaze and chocolate crumbs on top.

              1. re: kathryn

                AWESOME photos - thanks a lot! A picture is worth 1000 words, and about twice as many calories..... :-)

                  1. re: kathryn

                    TFS! I feel another DP visit coming on!

                  2. re: OC Mutt

                    It is sweetened chocolate cake firm enough to support the doughnut form and handling, filled with rich and deep (but not dark) chocolate cream. Sounds treacly, I know, but it actually has a sophisticated taste here.

              2. The Creme Brulee donut is amazing but TINY - I could have eaten three of them.

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                1. re: Kate_N

                  It is delicious! But I feel like it's getting smaller and smaller!

                2. I went today and sample the following... Blackout, Tres Leches, Banana Pecan, and Peanut butter with blueberry jelly.

                  The blackout and Tres Leches really stood out.. they were great and nott oo heavy.

                  Banana Pecan was actually given to me by accident, however the guy behind the counter let me keep it! Just took a nibble and saved the rest for later but it was really good.

                  And finally, the peanut butter glaze with blueberry jelly was also really fantastic.

                  I took home the coconut cream, blueberry cake, valrhona to go to try for another day and will let you know how they are also.