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Aug 1, 2009 11:03 PM

Vegan Shabbat Lunch- ideas desperately needed!

Here's the scoop: I've been a vegetarian most of my life so I'm pretty proficient in the vegetarian cooking department. But my best friend has decided to go vegan and is coming for Shabbat lunch next Saturday. Does anyone have any good recipes that are vegan and tasty? I'm trying to avoid spending all day in the kitchen in deference to the heat, so easy recipes would be a plus. I have several vegan cook books but again, a lot of the recipes entail a lot of prep that I just don't feel like doing.

Thanks for any help!

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  1. Summer's bounty is out there. How about an artfully-arranged meatless Salade Nicoise with a mixed fruit compote over sorbet for dessert? You'd only have to do some chopping and steam a few veggies. The rest is in the presentation. Very fresh and colorful.I also recommend the green tea with lime and mint recipe currently on the home page. A really refreshing summer treat.


    1. Shepherd's salad with quinoa?

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      1. any kind of bean salad, rice salad, tabueleh... most hummus is vegan, most challah has eggs -- so serve pita insetad.

        1. green gazpacho to start.

          zest and squeeze a few lemons, mix with extra virgin, salt pepper and lots of slivered fresh mint. toss with cappellini.

          watermelon and blueberries for dessert.

          everything but cooking the pasta is do ahead and no cooking involved.

          1. Recipes abound for vegetarian Cholent (Chulent), a traditional Shabbat dish.
            Here's one you might want to try:

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              Thanks everyone! I think I'm going to make a few of the salads you mentioned. It's too hot for cholent, but I'm going to try that recipe when the weather cools off. I haven't yet found a cholent that I like, and this one sounds good.