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Aug 1, 2009 10:25 PM

What's a good place to buy fresh papayas and other tropical fruits?

Does anyone know a good local source for fresh papayas and other tropical fruits such as Golden Globe, Hayden, or Pope mangos, apple-bananas, passion fruit, guava, duryan, etc?


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  1. The best variety of produce I've seen is at 99 Ranch markets. I don't know that you'd find each variety of all that there, but they have some great stuff. Veggies too (fresh water chestnuts are soooo good).

    1. LAX-C or Canton Food Co. (both in downtown LA)

      Or San Gabriel Superstore in San Gabriel.

      Or Sieu Thi Thuan Phat in Westminster.

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        Canton Food Co. won't let you buy fruit's individually. You have to buy by the case or the pre-packaged larger packages they re-pack them in.

      2. Hawaii Market in Alhambra on Valley and Del Mar and Shun Fat in Monterey Park have a huge assortment of fresh tropical produce. In the south bay, most Asian markets like 99 Ranch, Marukai, and Freshia Markets have great sales whenever. Top Value on Hawthorne and Marine has occasional good deals.

        1. I am also looking for papayas. Did you find any good ones???

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            I prefer Hawaiian papayas.
            Any of the Asian markets mentioned above will have them and you got to be careful they aren't too ripe when you buy them because they'll get over-ripe quickly.

          2. Might try Farm Boy diagonally across from Bloomingdale's in Sherman Oaks, sharing the same parking lot as TJs. Have seen most of the items you mention at one time or another.