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Aug 1, 2009 09:14 PM

breakfast in Fredericksburg?

Can anyone recommend a good place for breakfast in Fredericksburg? I am looking for something that is not just a bakery, and doesn't serve greasy-spoon type stuff. I'm looking for a nice omelette with fresh veggies, something like that.

I searched the boards and found only one recommendation--Rathskeller. That sounds nice, but for the sake of variety, can anyone recommend additional options? Thanks!

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  1. A previous post that I stand by:

    We were in Fredericksburg about a month ago and had a wonderful breakfast at the Rathskeller. I had delicious biscuits with gravy that reminded me of childhood. So tasty...

    Here's the link. There are some photos and the address but no menus as they reportedly change daily:

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      Eat where we locals eat -- good food -- nothing else. ANDY'S.

    2. Andy's is the place! In fact, I had a delicious veggie omelette there a couple of weeks ago when visiting from Dallas with my family.

      Also, for one of the best burgers in the state (recently ranked no. 3 by Texas Monthly )and great bat watching around sundown), go to Alamo Springs Cafe about 12 miles southeast of town.

      1. Thanks for the recs. We ate at Rathskeller and it was AMAZING!!! We got smoked salmon an eggs, with coffee. The place is so cute, too, and right on main street. Next time I'm in Fredericksburg, I'm going there again for breakfast.

        Regarding Andy's.. we actually ate lunch there once, and we really didn't like it. The food tasted mediocre, and was really greasy. But maybe we just didn't order the right thing, because the B&B we stayed at recommended it, and I can see that two people here say it's good. Oh, well.