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Aug 1, 2009 08:04 PM

help identify old cooking show


Anyone remember a cooking show that aired during the 90's that had an older guy cooking up mostly french dishes?
The show would always end with him having the meal with a glass of wine and a random friend guest.

That's about all I can remember. It was a very slow moving show and the guy was older.


  1. Was it Pierre Franey?

    (He's the gentleman in the lower left of the book cover)

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      but thanks for your research

    2. The random friend/guest closing sounds like Graham Kerr; he ended The Galloping Gourmet and his other shows that way. I guess he qualifies as older, as TGG was on in the '70s; but he was youngish at that time, so he may not be your man. His picture is on the masthead here:

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          He did sit down with a friend, didn't he? I bet you're right, he's the one.

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            Wasn't Justin Wilson the heavily-accented Cajun cook? He was delightful, but not French.

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              Yes he was the Ragin' Cajun, but that's kinda Frenchish...

          2. Maybe it was Earl Peyroux?


            There is a pic of him on this book cover.

            1. I also vote for Earl Peyroux and "Gourmet Cooking". It aired in the late 80s (probably was still on the in the 90s) on Saturdays at Noon on local PBS stations.

              I watched it mostly for laughs, as the production values were low, low, low. If he chopped an onion, he told you all about it, Every Time. If he made rice to go with a dish, he put in a ring mold, Every Time. Result, he always ran Out Of Time, Every Time.

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                I remember Earl Peyroux too... He started a different kind of slow food movement.... ;-)

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                  Hilarious, mcsheridan! He was quite overweight and cooked with huge amounts of butter.