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Aug 1, 2009 07:57 PM

MSP area - where to get buffalo and/or goat milk?

I'd like to make my own mozzarella to go with my fresh tomatoes (assuming that they eventually will ripen sometime during this cool summer). The receipes call for cow's mlk but the traditional in Italy is buffalo so I'd like to get that try if I can find out where I could go to get the bufffalo milk, Any ideas on where I should be calling to see if it's a possibility? Thanks.

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    1. hi Spahkee,

      the traditional italian mozz is made from *water* buffalo milk which is a different species than our north american bison/buffalo. so i'm not sure if finding bison milk would help you out, or if water buffalo milk is even available here.

      for goat's milk, any goat farmer should be able to help you, or maybe more conveniently, your neighborhood co-op grocery store.

      1. Even Lunds has goats milk.