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Aug 1, 2009 07:41 PM

Sabrett's Hot Dogs, Slimy?!?!?!?!


I've never bought them before and picked up two packages @ Bloom tonight. Both expire 8/10, so they should be just fine, right? I opened one pack and the dogs were covered in a nasty, thick mucus layer. I'm talking slime trails that stretched all across the sink as I went to wash them off. Gross, gooey, worse than natto, but they smelled just fine. The second package was the same. We threw a few on the grill to see what would happen and they oozed more goo as they cooked.

Has anyone had this happen to them? Is that just how Sabrett's behave? By smell they seemed to be good, but by looks they were disgusting.


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  1. This happened to me this weekend too! Two packages of skinless Sabrett's, neither of which had expired, just bought the day before, both had the slimy stuff you described. So gross!

    1. That's probably gelatin (which is a natural part of animal protein). Skinless dogs made with more gelatinous cuts of meat are more like to emit a more gelatinous liquid that's not quite gelatinized to serve as aspic. Another reason for dogs in natural casing.

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        Perhaps they weren't kept cold enough.

      2. Just purchased my 1st and last package of Sabrett's today, 09.07.09. The package has an expiration date of 10.23.09 and I experienced the same nasty mucus like substance as well. I called the grocery store I purchased them from, they suggested to be on the safe side, I bring them back in for a refund.

        1. i've seen it happen with many different brands of hot-dgs, always ones wrapped in plastic (as opposed to butchershop dogs) and there's never been anything wrong with them. i rinse the goo off and cook and everything is dandy

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            In my experience, if hot dogs, suasages etc. are slimy they have gone bad. I would never eat anything with slime as you describe.

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              im not arguing with your experience. i'm telling you mine is otherwise

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                This was a goo of a whole different kind. I know the slime of bad meat and this wasn't that, plus no smell. This was the stuff of horror movies!

            2. I too purchased the skinless hot dogs which turned out to be slimy . They did not smell bad, they did not look bad (except for the thick mucus), which I thought was probably some sort of preservative. Nevertheless, I wrote to the company and told them that while I'm sure they were okay - the mucus was off putting and if they didn't tell me what it was there was no way I could ever feel comfortable purchasing them again.

              Today I received a LETTER from Sabrett explaining.
              Oct 13, 2009 (I'll cut to the chase) Your recent unpleasant experience ... the slimy frankfurters you mentioned in your letter indicates that the Sabrett package you purchased was probably mishandled in some way. Although the frankfurters have a very extended shelf life under proper refrigeration, they are occasionally exposed to unsual heat which will cause the meat to spoil.... We take every possible step to insure that these occurrences do not find their way in to your home, but once in a very great while a mistake can be made. We pride ourselves in the fact that these mistakes are rare indeed....

              and they've issued a refund.

              So there you have it folks. They ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SLIMY or filled with mucus. The trucking company or grocery store probably mismanaged them and left them out at room temperature or worse.

              For what it's worth, I rinsed off all the slime before cooking and then boiled the hot dogs longer than usual. We ate them and we did not get sick. They didn't taste "bad" either. They had a weird almost tinny or metallic taste to them and they didn't have have that "snap" that even skinless Sabretts are supposed to have. Again, we did NOT get sick and they did not taste spoiled. Thankfully.

              Next time I pick up some Sabretts I'll be sure to look at the package very closely to see if I can tell if there is any mucus in it - but I probably won't buy the "skinless" kind again.

              I've always liked Sabrett's from the hot dog carts. This one slime incident won't put me off to the product, especially after they have taken the time to send a personal letter and generous refund.