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New to Memphis, where to find great sandwiches, pizza, and chocolate?

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I've been in East Memphis about a month and checking Chowhound and the newspaper to figure out what's great to eat here. A previous poster asked about sandwiches, but that was in 2007 and apparently a lot has changed (-- no more King Biscuit, no more Rising Roll Gourmet, etc. ) Could anyone give tips on where to get great sandwiches around here? Some have mentioned Super Sub Shop, Deli Mexicana, Holiday Ham, and Pita Wraps -- which sandwiches there are especially noteworthy, if you have favorites? Any other great places? I have to admit Super Sub Shop had a v. good tuna sub.

Besides Memphis Pizza Cafe (Park St.), anyone with any ideas for great thin crust pizza, extra points for toppings beyond sausage, pepperoni, etc.?

As for chocolate, I haven't found anything in town except Dinstuhls and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Nothing wrong with them, but are there any OTHER great chocolatiers within a 50-mile radius?

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. From the super sub shop, I usually just get turkey, and I love it. If you like pimento cheese, at holiday ham try papa's pimento plus, which is pimento plus turkey or plus a BLT. It is delicious. All of Deli Mexicana's sandwiches are good. Shrimp special sandwich is the best. Bogie's also has great sandwiches. Make sure to get some of their special oil dressing on the side. Pasta salad is great there too. Yang's also has some good sandwiches. I will keep thinking. Good luck.

    1. My favorite special sandwich at Deli Mexicana is the meatloaf - just wonderful. Off the everyday menu, I like the elephant ear - thin sirloin with peppers and onions. Muddy's Bake Shop does great sandwiches for lunch - and then you're right there for a cupcake for dessert. If you just want a good, old-fashioned sandwich, I love Canale's at Houston Levee and Raleigh-LaGrange. Their ham (from the ones they smoke on-site) are beautiful.

      Overton Park Pizza Stone does good thin crust pizza with good toppings. The make the mozzarella in-house and smoke it there too.

      There is someone whose name I can't remember who sells Belgian-style chocolates at the Wednesday Botanic Garden Farmers' Market. Really good stuff.

      1. Fino's is a must if you are looking for sandwiches. The only bad thing about going to Fino's is having to decide what to order. They have so many good sandwiches..

        Kwik Check on Madision also makes excellent sandwiches.

        The sandwiches at Deli Mexicana (aka Las Tortugas) are very good, but somewhat pricey.

        You may want to also check out Bogie's. It's in East Memphis. They have a good shrimp salad sanwich. Also, they have my favorite potato salad in the world. I also really like the pasta salad there.

        I also second the Canale's ham sandwich. Well worth the drive out to the "country". And it's a steal at about two bucks. I shouldn't, but I always order two. Plus, it's like stepping back in time out there.

        Pete & Sam's has excellent thin crust pizza.

        1. I'm also a huge BBQ balogna fan. A lot of the BBQ joints around town serve good BBQ balogna sandwiches. Don't knock it 'til you try it. It's a poor man's delicacy.

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            I love Lisa's lunchbox. It is hidden in an office building just east of the Ridgeway 4 movie theaters. There is no sign on the front of the building, so you would never know anything is in there. The BEST BLT in the city.

          2. Sandwiches:
            Agree with Deli Mexicana, Fino's and Kwik Check. Both great and a notch above Bogies, Holiday Ham, Panera, etc. Those are pedestrian comparatively.

            Las Delicias has great tortas (Mexican sandwiches) also. Original on Mendenhall just south of Winchester and opening soon (mid-August per the owner) on Park at Getwell. Guacamole there is the best in town.

            Pizza? I haven't found one I love, but Ciao Bella can do a great one sometimes. I need to go try the new Pizze Stone on Overton Park.

            No clue on the chocolate. Mail order?

            1. I forgot to mention Young Ave Deli and Soul Fish. Young Ave has a huge sandwich selection and some of the best fries in town. Soul Fish is known for its catfish, but the Cuban sandwich is fantastic.

              I love the pizza from Villa Castriotti in Cordova. It is the closet thing to a NY style pie in town.

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                Everyone, thanks for all the great tips!! I am definitely going to check out your suggestions. I think Ciao Bella is not too far from me. I hadn't even heard of the Overton Park place and will definitely check it out. Cheers --

              2. The Kwik Check on Madison is the absolute BEST sandwich place!!!! (Check it out on Yelp.com - someone posted a camera shot of their menu)

                Super Sub Shop is near and dear to my heart, too, but I would definately say try out the Kwik Check - they have the best gyros & muffalettas, but the menu is far more extensive than that.

                Ciao Bella, Boscos Squared, and Le Chardonnay all have wonderful pizzas, and if I'm correct, I believe they are all thin and baked in a wood-burning oven.

                Chocolate - not too sure, because I'm one of those rare women that don't just LOVE chocolate. There's a Godiva in both the Wolf Chase & Oak Court mall, though.

                Hope that helped, and welcome to Memphis!

                **added: The person above me reminded me of Young Ave. Deli - very, very good sandwiches there. (And the fries are the best - some kind of USA Today award of something there)