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Aug 1, 2009 05:22 PM

what is creme de marsala?

I need Sicilian creme de marsala for an ice cream recipe. Where can I find it? Is this alcoholic? what does it taste like?


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  1. I believe that it is "Marsala Cream". Take some good quality Marsala wine and mix with heavy cream. (80% Marsala/20% Cream). I've also seen people add eggs to the mixture which might be good for Ice cream. What ice cream are you making?

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    1. re: randyhusted

      It's called Sicilian Vanilla:

      2 cups whipping cream
      2 cups whole milk
      1 cup sugar
      pinch of nutmeg
      2 tbsp of vanilla extract
      9 egg yolks
      2 tablespoons creme de marsala, preferably Sicilian
      3/4 cup chopped and toasted walnuts

      by the way, this makes 8 servings. Is that more or less than 2 quarts?

      1. re: sirahola

        Probably about 2 quarts or a bit more after spinning - 4-1/4 c liquid, 1 c sugar (which adds about 3/4 c volume) and a little more than half cup egg = 5-1/2 cups base which should spin to at least 7 cups depending on your machine, plus the nuts.

        Sounds good. I'd be tempted to use regular marsala if that was easier but I'm like that.


      sirahola, this is a recipe I use that incorporates a homemade marsala sauce, perhaps it can serve as a jumping off recipe for your ice cream.

      1. My Sicilian partner had never heard of it. And she also commented that that is not an Italian / Sicilian name. But after looking at the French references it is just a sauce made with Marsala. If you search for "Marsala Sauce" there are many references, and many variations on some combination of sugar, eggs, cream, milk and Marsala wine. I think you are better off searching for "Marsala Ice Cream" - which I have made. Here is an example...