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Aug 1, 2009 05:21 PM

Packaged Pumpkin Raviolis

We used to have a wonderful gourmet style market here in southeastern Wisconsin called Gagliano's, located in Delafield. They sold lots of wonderful things, but one thing we used to buy for quick weeknight meals was wonderful pre-packaged Pumpkin Raviolis. Since the market closed ( a loss we still lament ,as the successor isn't quite so concerned with quality) we have tried several other pre-packaged Raviolis, and have continued to be disappointed in the quality. I seem to remember the brand name as "Bergamont" or something like that , but several internet searches have not turned up anything close. Do any of you Chowhounds out there know the brand I'm writing about, or have other recommendations for a decent prepacked pasta, and where to get them?

Thanks for any information.

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