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Aug 1, 2009 04:36 PM

San Antonio recommendations

My husband and I will be in San Antonio for two nights We need restaurant recommnedations. Not Tex-Mex or a Riverwalk restaurant. Staying near the airport. We prefer Italian, French or Asian in that order.

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  1. Italian- Tre Trattoria, next to the Witte Museum
    French- Le Reve is best but big $$$. Brasserie Pavil at 1604/Huebner
    Asian- China Inn, Phoenix Cafe, Pearl Inn, Kim Wah BBQ

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    1. re: saeyedoc

      I agree with Pavil, Kim Wah and Le Reve, but for Italian, Il Sogno just openned at pearl and is the best Italian this town has ever seen.

      1. re: Dave V

        Went to Il Sogno for lunch, had Gnocchi with braised rabbit, it was very good. Menu at lunch is limited but has a Margharita pizza, Panini, pasta dish, salads, chicken, etc.
        Too early for me to tell if it's better than Tre Trattoria. I actually like the gnocchi at Tre better, they pan fry it so it's crispy on the outside. Bread definitely better at Il Sogno, hot rolls right out of the oven. It was fun to sit at the bar and watch the kitchen.

        1. re: Dave V

          Glad to hear about Il Sogno. I hadn't realized that they had opened. Can't wait to try. How are the prices?

          1. re: san antonio eater

            Mine was $14. The pizza was $9. I think the range was around 8-18.

      2. i agree with the posts below, but I'd also add Bistro Vatel to your dining list. Here's their website