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Aug 1, 2009 04:31 PM

best non-gourmet burger in philly?

hey philly chowhounders... i'm from LA and will be in Philly for a friend's wedding in august. i know philly is the home of the cheesesteak, but i also want to get my burger on as well while i'm there... any recommendations from philly natives for a great under $10 burger? not interested in any fancified $16 "Rouge" burgers, thank you, so don't recommend that place. though i'm sure they serve a great burger, but i'm on a recession budget....

thanks in advance...

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  1. HerbyN: Narrow this down as to location and we can help. Otherwise you have 131 square miles of burger places - and that's just within city limits.


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      will be staying at the Loews Hotel on Market. i suppose that's downtown, but you are asking a question to a visitor. don't know all of the neighborhoods.

    2. Good Dog at 15th & Chestnut (perhaps 15th & Walnut?) has my favorite burger. Not sure what you consider "fancified" but the Good Dog Burger is stuffed with Roquefort and has carmelized onions. If that's too much for you, you can get a regular burger which are great, as well.

      I highly recommend Good Dog. Really laid back place to grab a burger and a few beers. You won't be disappointed.

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        Unfortunately that burger goes for 11 dollars.. so it doesnt meet the cost criteria. I might sugest burgers at Monks instead.

      2. I think you picked a good time to come to Philly for burgers. We are in the midst of a "burger war." Butcher & Singer, a high end steakhouse in Center City, is currently offering their normally $16 burger for $6 during lunch. PYT, a burger upstart in Northern Liberties, is offering their burger for FREE if you bring a receipt from Butcher & Singer.


        Also consider: SquareBurger, a burger stand in Franklin Square ($4.75); Royal Tavern in South Philly, which is a kick-ass, gourmet burger but only $9, and that is a platter with fries. The Good Dog burger mentioned, the regular, non-stuffed one, is $9 or $10 and is also a platter with a huge mound a of delicious mix of regular and sweet potato fries.

        Grub Street's burger feature has a few other options for $10 and under:

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          thanks barryg. this helps a lot. keep the suggestions coming chowhounders...

        2. my personal favorite (maybe a bit off the typical burger beaten path) is from grace tavern.

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            If you check out Grace, swap the fries for the blackened green beans. They're delicious.

          2. I highly recommend the Down Home Diner in Reading Terminal Market, which is 1.5 blocks from your hotel. Great burger, not sure if it's under $10 but it's inexpensive. Plus you can check out all the other great stuff at the Market while you're there!