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Aug 1, 2009 03:38 PM

Good Indian in the Valley

I've tried Gangadin and Copper Chimney and was underwhelmed by both. Any good Indian places worth trying in the Valley?

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  1. India Sweets on Sherman Way just west of Topanga is a market for all things Indian that also has a very informal cafe with about as many authentic Indian offerings as you could hope for.

    For a higher end experience, I like Taj Mahal in Encino. They have a great AYCE buffet at lunch, and their food is consistently delicious. One of the few places where the Tandoori Chicken is not dried out.

    1. I really like Lal Mirch in Studio City. The tikka masala is delicious, and it's the only Indian restaurant in LA that I have found capable of making onion bhaji that are not greasy and soggy.

      My fallback option is Taj Mahal in Encino. It is closer to where I live, but the food is not as good as Lal Mirch's. I do like their tandoori sea bass.

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        Second Lal Mirch, as well as the tikka masala rec. I would add vegetable korma as a standout dish.

        Not a big fan of the prepared food at India Sweets & Spices, but their samosas are terrific.

        Lal Mirch
        11138 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

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          I like Lal Mirch, too. Had some nice meals at Salome up on Lankershim near Magnolia, Bangladeshi cuisine, per the signage.

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            I went to Copper Chimney tonight celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary. We went with a friend from Goa who has guided me through many Indian restaurants and we all loved it. The catch was that we could not eat anything cooked spicy due to my wife but nevertheless. I must say that the ambience was not great and I felt crowded being so close to other tables but Iiked the food.

        2. I think the food at Copper Chimney is terrific, but the ambiance is not great. I'm almost always willing to sacrifice ambiance for great chow, though.