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Breakfast in Houston

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Who has the best breakfast in Houston (outside of Breakfast Klub and Buffalo Grille)? Looking for a basic sit down and read the paper kind of place.

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  1. There are 5 or 6 Frank's Grills around town. It's a semi dive place with great breakfasts. Go early before they run out of bisquits, but be forwarned, they don't have butter, only spread. We bring our own butter.

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      Tel-Wink is another greasy spoon alternative to Frank's. I think they do better potatoes and biscuits there.

    2. Mama's cafe on Westheimer is great. Try their skillets. Barney's (near West Gray) is good too.

      1. Try Rustica on the 59 feeder and Buffalo Spdwy. Breakfast taco's, egg plates,,, everything is absolutely delicious. This is my only breakfast destination when the mood strikes.. Lunch at this restaurant is pretty tasty too.. Generally packed on w/e's...

        1. Thanks all! Look forward to checking these out.

          1. Of course, it depends a lot on what you're looking for. I love the breakfasts at Taqueria Arandas.

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            1. One of my favorite weekend spots in Houston is breakfast/brunch at La Mexicana on Montrose and Fairview. I think it got its start years ago as a grocery that sold tamales. Now it's just a restaurant, and breakfast is what they excel at. Great service, great patio, fantastic tequila sunrises. Everything on the breakfast menu is great. Personally I tend toward the potato eggs with chops, eat half there, then treat myself to great linner/dinner after waking up from my after-brunch nap.

              Strangely, I can't really recommend the place for lunch or dinner. Not bad, not good. It's breakfast where La Mexicana shines.