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Aug 1, 2009 02:15 PM

1 night in DC, Savory spot for dinner near State Plaza Hotel or Union Station?

Hi All,
I am new to the board.
In a few days, I am in DC just to meet a old friend for dinner. We are both semi-foodies, generally adventurous.
Looking for something within walking distance of Union Station or State Plaza Hotel (2117 E St. NW). Could be ethnic or American. Something with great food, good atmsophere for conversation, and under $30 for dinner (each). Thanks a lot!

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  1. i am leaning toward Jaleo, based on some old posts I read on the site. . .

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      You might consider The Cafe Berlin which is about three blocks away from Union Station on 320 (or so) Mass Ave. Nice atmosphere with outdoor seating offering German style cooking at moderate prices. There was a place called Two Quails next door but I understand they have closed.

      Also consider Johnny's Halfshell at 400 N Capitol St NW # 175. Very tasty local seafood in an informal atmosphere and they have hard shell crabs this time of year

      1. re: cassidym

        Great. Thanks Cassidym. Cafe Berlin looks very cool, tho my friend is not so into German cuisine, but i will definitely check it out on another visit!
        Just gorged myself at Jimmy Cantler's yesterday (near Annapolis) so I think I am good with fresh seafood for a while. Love their outdoor sink! And hush puppies...


    2. do you mean food prices total (excluding tax, tip, beverage) of $30 pp? i'd suggest "bistro bis" near union station! it has a french twist, but it has a great eclectic menu like modern american cuisine.

      during upcoming restaurant week, you'll get a great deal. do reserve!

      there's a pretty decent thai place on m street not far from your hotel, and it has half-price appetizers at happy hour and good beer prices. their pad kee mao with seafood is excellent, and their appetizer sampler, too.

      call to see if they still have the happy hour deal. but your money will go a lot farther here than bistro bis, even if you don't get the happy hour deal! ;-).

      1. I love Bistro Bis, I would recommend it if it fits in your budget (entrees under 30, but not a whole meal).