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Aug 1, 2009 02:05 PM

Minneapolis in November

As a life long Viking fan (ah, the pain and suffering.......), we are planning to spend our wedding anniversary in the Twin Cities and attend a Vikings game on November 22, 2009. Having never been to Minneapolis (or Minnesota for that matter), I am hopeful that some dining advice can be obtained. We are travelling from Vermont on Saturday so will liklely need lunch and dinner Saturday, breakfast before the game, and hopefully a dual celebratory dinner Sunday night (anniversary and Vikings victory). I think we are going to stay at The Depot Hotel but anything within a 15-20 minute cab ride is fine. Thanks in advance !

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  1. Consider Alma for your celebratory/anniversary dinner. if it werent november it would be a lovely walk across the stone arch bridge from where you are staying (and given that you're from vermont maybe a bit of winter wont deter you, plus it COULD be somewhat decent out).

    search the boards for numberous reports by me and others, and check out their website (but know that they change the menu every 6 weeks or so so whatevers listed there wont be what you get to chose from in november)

    1. I'd say Hell's Kitchen for brunch before the game. Lots of reports here about the place. If it is above 20 degrees it would be no big deal to walk to the restaurant then walk over to the dome.

      1. Go Vikings! For breakfast I would try Longfellow Grill or Town Talk Diner - both are delicious and have some nice twists on breakfast food. Lunch/Dinner - I like Kafe 421 on the U of M campus and the Red Stag Supper Club in North East. Good luck!