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Aug 1, 2009 01:56 PM

Suggestions for picnic fare on the plateau

I'm going to be short on time tomorrow, but I've committed to putting together a nice early evening picnic for 2. I'd like to just pick up a few things around the plateau neighbourhood. Any suggestions for the best portable summer treats?


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  1. You could throw together a decent picnic picking up a Romados chicken and some natas, and a couple salads and a baguette or whatever from the deli at Provigo at Clark and Mont-Royal, then taking the bus up to Beaver Lake. Not sure what your actual plans are though :)

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    1. re: afoodyear

      You can also find wine and beer across the street from the Provigo as a SAQ-Express outlet, open until 10pm. Not the most extensive selection, but ok for a picnic. And the whites and rosés are chilled.

      Better baguettes at the bakery on the other (west) side of St-Urbain (the Provigo is between Clark and St-Urbain).

      1. re: lagatta

        On St-Viateur, near Esplanade (in front of Bio Terre) there's a great little grocery store with everything you could possibly want for a picnic and while they have lots of fine posh foods they also have plenty of reasonable fare. Great fruit selection, great cheeses, breads, spreads... and wine also. Wish I remembered the name.

        1. re: corj

          Maybe you are thinking of Latina? It's on the corner of St-Viateur and Esplanade.

          For the next time, try:
          DaVito on Fairmount (across from the bagelry) for Italian sandwiches and marinated vegetables.
          Café Soufflé de Marie & Anne (St-Urbain corner Marie-Anne) for some pretty, tasty sweets, sandwiches, salads, and such (and it's very close to Parc Jeanne-Mance).

          1. re: Daiya

            I noticed that the Italian sandwicherie/cafe on Fairmount (yellow awning) is now called Tropea. It seems to be essentially the same, with great stuff for an antipasto.

        2. re: lagatta

          Autour d'un pain is at Clark and Mont-Royal I think. Do you know the name of the place you're talking about or is that the same one?

          1. re: afoodyear

            Autour d'un Pain is on the south west corner of St-Urbain and Mont-Royal.

            1. re: SnackHappy

              You are right, SnackHappy. I couldn't think of the name of that boulangerie (though they also have a branch much closer to me on Beaubien a bit east of Christophe-Colomb.

      2. You can always try la Maison du Rôti for some pâtés, cold cuts and other take out items. If you plan on going for a picnic at Parc Lafontaine it's a short walk

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          I was just thinking we were assuming Mont-Royal; going to Parc Lafontaine you could find picnic food on Mont-Royal or Rachel. The closest SAQ (for wine) is on St-Denis near Duluth. Where is the best selection of good beer around there?