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Aug 1, 2009 01:54 PM

Chinese Resturant around Pacific Mall

HI CHOWers!!
I know this is a "no-duh" question. But I need to take my (Chinese) grandmother to lunch in the vacinity of Pacific Mall on Monday. Is there a place NOT IN Pacific Mall for DIm Sum (or somthing) you guys can recommend?? (My real fear is actually trying to park at Pacific Mall on a Public Holiday).
Does anyone remember the name of the chinese resturant that's almost across the street from P.Mall that's like in a Mansion or somthing??)


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  1. The mansion one is actually Casa Imperial and it's at Warden & Steeles. So one major intersection west of Pac mall.

    1. Casa Imperial has the superior dim sum (and prices), but another alternative is in the Splendid Mall (opposite the Pacific Mall on Steeles). The place is called Hi Shanghai. It has a selection of Shanghai and Guongdung (Cantonese) style dim sum and parking should not be a problem!

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        Not sure about now, but isn't Hi Shanghai always packed?