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Nov 1, 2004 03:58 AM

Revolving Restaurant???

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A neighbor mentioned a revolving restaurant/bar; top floor of a building in Korea Town. Has anyone heard of this place, does it still exist?

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  1. Perhaps you're thinking of the BonaVista revolving cocktail lounge on the 35th floor of the Westin Bonaventure hotel in downtown Los Angeles?



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      Rich Gould-Saltman

      Incidentally, I just moved in one building west of the Macys' Plaza (used to be Broadway Plaza) and I've noticed that there seems to be what looks like (maybe it once was) a revolving restaurant on top of IT. Anyone know what it is? I'll go look, but I'm curious if anyone's got info.


      1. That would be the restaurant and bar at the top of the Hyatt Hotel. I don't know if it's still in operation, but it was a great date place in the 70's for a drink or two. Any recollection of the food (I know I had lunch there a few times) would certainly be inaccurate after 30 years!

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          Wasn't it called Angels Flight or something like that? I don't remember it as being a revolving restaurant but I could be wrong. Anyway, it isn't listed on the hotel's web site now so I'd assume it's closed.

          1. re: Sam D.
            Rich Gould-Saltman

            OK, (having been exposed to one-too-many-repeats of the opening scenes from "Ghost Ship" while channel-surfing on my son's new cable set-up)

            I'm seein' a pitch for a horror film: "Restaurant of Doom":

            horrible revolving-restaurant rotation "accident" causes death of customers (maybe restaurant built on haunted Indian burial ground, or worker killed while building it, by callous foreman?), covered up by owner/managers, who seal the offending place off; ghost diners escape to cause havoc elsewhere; intrepid but skeptical investigators intervene, in climactic scene, restaurant-of-death whirls into action again...

            I hereby reserve all IP in this idea...


            1. re: Rich Gould-Saltman

              Yes, Angel's Flight!! Good memory. It did revolve, and the view was spectacular. I like your idea, Rich, but maybe we could do a 50's retro-thing, and make the bar revolve faster and faster, and take off into space, ala Invaders from Mars.

              1. re: Rich Gould-Saltman

                You're too late. I've already registered numerous similar ideas with The Writer's Guild. However, if you buy me a drink, we could talk (and I could steal some more ideas).

              2. re: Sam D.

                Wasn't Angels Flight a sort of tram that existed a few years back. I remember driving past it years ago, and always thought I'd take the ride. Now that I live here it seems to no longer operate. I think there was an accident and a number of people were killed.

                1. re: ciao ny

                  Angels Flight is a one-track funicular that ran btwn Hill St (at Grand Central Market) & California Plaza on Grand. Several years ago, a tourist was killed when the brake system failed.

                  A group of Flight afficianados has guaranteed its return to service, but its expected return date has been pushed back several times -- to late next year now. The cars have been repaired & refurbished, but apparently financing for the mechanical overhaul has languished.

              3. re: LBQT

                So, what happened to this Hyatt? Things in LA seem to just disappear, or stay abandoned. Does the building still exist? I would think a developer would jump on a site like this and make it even better.

                1. re: ciao ny

                  The building is still there (Flower & 7th) and the Hyatt is still there. I occasionally have business in the offices there, and have had lunch downstairs in the hotel. It's hotel food; nothing worth making a trip for.

                  1. re: ciao ny
                    john gonzales

                    Hyatt is still there. The turntable on the revolving restaurant has been broken, and not scheduled for repair, for at least seven years.
                    Bonaventure still has the revolving lounge, I think.

                  2. re: LBQT

                    Spoke with the mgr of the Hyatt at Hope & 7th; the one with the old revolving restaurant. Told me the motor broke about 6 years ago, too expensive to fix, requires a helicoptor to bring parts. Now can be rented for non-revolving parties and events. You'd think a big chain like that would get it repaired.

                    1. re: ciao ny

                      Thanks for checking it out -- I hope they eventually do fix it. It was a really nice spot.

                  3. The old Holiday Inn in Hollywood (now called the Renaissance or something) used to have a rooftop revolving restaurant. I haven't seen it rotating in a couple of years. Lots of Holiday Inns from that era also had the rooftop revolving restaurant.

                    1. I'm glad you asked this question, and I'm thankful for everyone's replies. I did visit this restaurant once, in 1978 when I was 16, and loved it. (No actual recollection of the food itself.) It was at or quite near Arco Plaza, but of course, building names change over the years, so this may have changed also.
                      There was both this Angel's Flight restaurant, and also the Angel's Flight funicular. I might have had a ride on this in 1968, when I was 5... no recollection, though my sister mentioned it. Really wanted to ride it as an adult, but waited for the mechanical problems to be resolved first, and I'm still waiting....

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                      1. re: Paulinski

                        I rode it 6 months ago and it worked fine. Fun ride.

                        1. re: gr8pimpin

                          Angel's Flight is still closed due to last years accident and it's too bad with all the new success at Grand Central Market.

                          1. re: wienermobile

                            Oh dear Lord, you are right... Wow time flies. I had to look at a calendar for when I was there. I hate getting old!!

                            I stand corrected.

                          2. re: gr8pimpin

                            Are you referencing the Angels Flight restaurant or the funicular?