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Aug 1, 2009 12:38 PM

Winnipeg -- Downtown Dinner and Breakfast Recommendations

I will be staying at the Delta Hotel in downtown Winnipeg this coming week. The hotel is located at 350 St. Mary Avenue.

I am looking for good dinner and breakfast recommendations that are within walking distance -- no more than a 10 minute or so walk due to some of our group not being able to walk farther than that. All cuisines are good and not concerned with price other than not wanting the top of the top price range in the area.

Dinner will be for a handful of business associates -- casual to business casual would be best, but we want good quality food -- that's most important. Any good coffee shop/breakfast joint recommendations would be helpful too.

If possible, recommendations where people who live in Winnipeg would go would be great. However, if we are stuck with non-local options, I'll take whatever your recommendations are.

Thanks for your help.

BL -- DC Hound

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  1. Everyone raves about Tallest Poppy for breakfast. It is on Main but I don't know the exact address.

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    1. re: sarah galvin

      I just checked their website and I guess it is only breakfast on Sunday. Otherwise lunch Mon-Sat.

    2. For just pastries and the like, the Pastry Castle might be OK--they open at 7am (it's more like a 10-15 minute walk).

      For full breakfasts, Wagon Wheel (which is much lauded, though undeserved imo) and Salisbury House are within your restrictions.

      For dinner Chamberlyn's at Winnipeg Square, anything in the Exchange District (too many choices to list them all--Bernard Mirlycourtois, Oui, Tre Visi, Taste of Sri Lanka, Kum Koon Garden) is within 15 minutes from your area. If you or some people don't want to (or can't) walk further than 10 minutes, taxis are relatively cheap.

      Quite honestly, the downtown area is not the best for good eating.

      1. I hear Blaze in your hotel is good.

        A block away from you is East India Company Restaurant (on York), fantastic food, supposed to be the best indian food in Wpg, do the buffet. They have authentic decor. Ivory (on Main) is another good Indian restaurant.
        Eat! Bistro (on Garry) is a quirky place inside a used bookstore, not sure if your style, but great food! Smaller portions, I always order 3 plates between 2 ppl.

        Haven't been to the following, but heard they're good. 2-block radius from you:
        Ichiban Japanese Steak House
        Paragon Restaurant
        One Night in Bangkok
        Affinity Vegetarian Garden (I think it's vietnamese)

        10-15 min walk, or slightly further:
        Anything in the Exchange District as mentioned.
        Edohei (sushi on Ellice)
        Amici (Italian on Broadway) (Bombolini in the basement is their more affordable option for some reason)
        12 resto bar (in the Radisson)
        The Velvet Glove in the Fairmont is supposed to be good. I really enjoy their Lounge.
        Hu's on First (at the ballpark)
        The Current at the Forks

        Chain reliables:
        Moxie's at MTS Centre
        Earl's (Main st)
        The Keg (Garry)

        My personal fave is In Ferno's Bistro, 5-10 min drive from downtown. It's summer here, patio dining is a must, go to the Corydon area, or Osborne, short cab ride to both.

        Not much choice around downtown, except within hotels & chain coffeeshops. There is Salisbury House on Portage nearby, that's our local breakfast or burger chain. Also one on the Provencher bridge.
        Finale's coffeehouse (south of Norwood Bridge), I think they have breakfast. I frequent there for coffee/lunch.
        Pancake House at the Forks.
        Cora's Breakfast (on Provencher)
        Good local coffeeshop is The Fyxx (on Portage & in Exchange), and no shortage of Starbuckses.

        There area actually a handful of places downtown and a ton of choice & different tastes in Winnipeg, I love dining in our city. Take a cab to go further. There is also the Downtown Spirit free transit to the Forks.
        I suggest you pick up a copy of Ciao or Where magazine at the hotel, lists all restaurants. Some really good places are tucked away in obsure locations. I work downtown so most of the ones downtown I've been to are for lunch, and dinner I choose to look for places I haven't tried around the city.

        Hope you enjoy your stay!

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        1. re: notjen

          "East India Company Restaurant (on York), fantastic food, supposed to be the best indian food in Wpg,"

          Who says that? I've been there, and it's definitely nowhere near the best unless "the best" is defined by how much each dish can taste like every other dish.

          Ciao and Where are decent resources, but keep in mind they only list restaurants that advertise with them (and they only review restaurants that advertise with them--that explains why there is never a bad review in them).

          BRL--are you looking for really good food experiences, or will anything do? It sounds like you'll be with work people,which to me means you'll have a fair number of non-foodies mixed in with the foodies.

          If you want good food, you've got to be willing to stray from that 10-minute walk radius. But if you're just looking for edible food, there's plenty in that area.

          1. re: prasantrin

            Not true about Ciao and Where. (I used to work there.) They only list places they think are up to snuff, and the reviews are always good, because at only six issues a year, there's no space to talk about the shitty places. EAT Bistro is really good (and was chosen as Winnipeg's best new rest. in Uptown) and Soup Pierre is now closed, btw. Moxie's blows.

            1. re: ChocolateBlender

              Really? Because a friend with a restaurant couldn't get anyone from Ciao to visit her restaurant on a professional basis or list it until she agreed to buy advertising there at a whopping $5000. A regular customer who worked for Ciao told her she should advertise so she could go in the book, because the customer felt the restaurant was too good not to be in there.

              1. re: prasantrin

                It's pointless to get into a he said/she said here, but that was never their policy, and I worked there a long time.

        2. I was just looking at this website

          Remembered this thread on chowhound and thought the breakfast site might be of some use to you.

          1. If you're willing to take a quick bus ride (maybe 15-20 minutes, depending on traffic)Fresh Cafe opens for breakfast at 7am. It's very busy for breakfast, and in general the breakfasts are good quality (although I've been served reheated potatoes there before). They try to use local and organic ingredients.

            The only problem is that the seating is upstairs while the waiting area is downstairs. This leads the upstairs people to linger much, much longer than usual since they don't realize there's a long line of people waiting down below (I've seen tables that finished eating before we arrived, and stayed after we finished our breakfasts and left).