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Aug 1, 2009 12:23 PM

Need help in Hollywood Park area

Working a job by Manchester right across from Hollywood Park, and boss wants to buy lunch on monday. Up till now have been brown bagging b/c I really don't know of any good eats in the area. But there has to be some, HELP. Appreciated in advance...

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  1. Depends what your definition of "good eats" is, and how far you want to travel.

    Sounds like you're real close to the Gumbo Shack, and Porky's BBQ. Pann's diner is also nearby and people rave about it. Or head towards the airport and get a killer steak at Shula's 347.

    Of course if you're willing to drive 10 minutes to Culver City, the sky becomes the limit.

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      is that branch of porky's bbq still there? i thought they had closed a while ago.

    2. There's the 2nd location of Mariscos Chente on Imperial.