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Aug 1, 2009 12:14 PM

Top 5 PoBoys

We played this game last night (while sitting at Liuzza's by the track). Pick your top 5 poboys in the city; must name both the location and the sandwich.

Here were mine:

5- Debris PoBoys at Mother's
4- BBQ Shrimp PoBoy at Liuzza's BTT
3- Softshell Crab PoBoy at JazzFest
2- Peacemaker at Mahoney's
1- Thanksgiving PoBoy at Parkway Bakery

Runners up:
-Fried Green Tomato/Remoulade @ Crabby Jack's-
-All That Jazz @ Verti Marte
-Shrimp @ Mabile's (LaPlace)

Have Fun!

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  1. 5. Caprese PoBoy at Parkway
    4. Grilled shrimp PoBoy at some place on Magazine -- name is escaping me. Also at Mandina's.
    3. Calamari PoBoy at Crabby Jack's
    2. BBQ shrimp at Liuzza's BTT
    1. Thanksgiving PoBoy at Parkway

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    1. re: dookie_doo

      1) Oyster PoBoy at Parkway
      2)grilled shrimp poboy at Guys
      3) Da Bomb poboy at Guys
      4)duck poboy at Crabby Jacks
      5) Hot sausage poboy at Domilises

      1. re: dookie_doo

        Holy cow! How could I have forgotten...

        the cochon de lait PoBoy at Walker's? It's doubly delicious because it's elusive -- served at Jazz Fest or when Walker's happens to be open.

        Banh Mi - known as the "Vietnamese PoBoy" served at Hong Kong Market on the West Bank. Also available at Pho Tau Bay and most likely other various Vietnamese locales.

      2. What is the Thanksgiving Poboy? Is it a combination of Turkey and ham?

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        1. re: Brfoodie

          I was also intrigued by the Thanksgiving Po-Boy, so I did a search online to find out what I could . See the link below that had me in tears!

          1. re: FoodChic

            Thanks foodchic
            that explained everything

          2. re: Brfoodie

            nope its turkey debris in gravy covered with dressing and cranberry sauce. damn fine. we would make the trek to Parkway just for this bird poboy, but sadly its only seasonal.

          3. #1 best po boy, Bozo's oyster w/butter pickles, crystal.

            1. 5) French Fry poboy Crabby Jack's
              4) Surf and turf poboy at Parkway, shrimp and roast beef
              3) Couchon de Lait poboy Jazz fest
              2) R&O Special R&O's
              1) Roast Beef poboy from R&O's

              Almost made the list:
              Pork chop poboy at Guys

              1. Oh, I can't believe no one's mentioned the oyster poboy at Domilice's, yummy!