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Bottega Fiorentina Brookline

I've never been into Bottega Fiorentina in Brookline and wondered about it. Is it a restaurant or an Italian grocery or both? How is it?

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  1. It's a bit of both. They have a wonderful Tuscan bread salad (panzanella). I'm not familiar with most of their other offerings, though.

    1. Eat in/take out pastas, salads, sandwiches, and daily entree. Good but not great food. Perfect for a quick bite before a movie, or feeding some hungry kids.

      1. For my money, VERY good for what it is.....counter service / takeout italian food in an Italian market setting.

        1. IMO VERY pricey for what you get.

          1. I've never been but there is another place called Bottega Di Capri down Harvard by route 9 that is excellent.

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              Is that their spinoff location that used to also be called Bottega Fiorentina?

            2. I just went there Sunday. My Brother got the lobster ravioli which was over $10 and got 4 raviolis. It came out on 4" diameter plate. I got the Spinach gnocchi, which was a reasonable size, but certainly not a big portion for $10. The Lobster ravioli was good, but obviously there was a huge quantity issue. He got it in carbonara sauce which was very good. The Spinach gnocchi was weird, it was filled with liquid (Green as well, spinich extract or something?). It wasn't bad, but i wasn't expecting my gnocchi to be filled. I got a spicy tomato sauce with pancetta that was very good. The sauces were great, the pasta was hit or miss and the quantities were not very good.

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                The quantities are on par with what a pasta portion is in Italy, but you are correct that those prices are a bit high for takeout/counter servicet pasta, even homemade. In their early years of existence they strived to make things authentic. I remember the owner proudly explaining why the brown baked item in the display case was not chocolate, but made from chestnut flour--a real downer for the customer who thought it was chocolate and almost bought it.

                I havent' been to this place in a couple years. It seems to have changed for the worse.

                Filled gnocchi? Never heard of that. I thought that was impossible. Has this place been sold or something? Sounds a lot different than I remember it.

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                  I know that a few years back a couple of their workers bought the place from the original owners. That may have something to do with it. I've always found their prices rather high for what it is.

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                    Thanks I guess I haven't been there since that happened. I really liked the original owners.

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                    Authentic in some respects, but every time I have ordered pasta (both at Brookline and Back Bay locations) it has been very unauthentically drowning in sauce.

                    The sandwiches are good and a better value, IMO. The pasta is quite overpriced for what you are served.

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                      Two of their workers bought Bottega di Capri, the outpost in Brookline Village. As Chuck S says below, go for the sandwiches!

                  3. I get the Italian sandwich at Bottega di Capri and it is excellent and a good value. Great bread.

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                      Sandwiches are better priced.

                    2. I have never gotten any of the pasta dishes there, but I do enjoy their Italiano sub, and it's not too expensive on the sandwich scale.

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