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Aug 1, 2009 11:46 AM

Is there a market in the LA area that sells poke like they do in Hawaii?

I'm looking for poke the way they sell it at fish counters in Hawaiian supermarkets, or at, say, the Suisan fish market in Hilo. I'm looking for a place that offers a variety of poke: traditional, spicy, sweet and sour, kim chee, wasabi, and/or other creative mixes, and poke based on tako or marlin instead of ahi, etc.

Is there a place like that here in LA?

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  1. Bristol Farms in Manhattan Beach has a Poke bar, I've never eaten it, but I've seen a few flavors. Maybe all the Bristol Farms have this?

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      It amazes me that Bristol Farms offers ahi poke - I give this smallish chain for dedicating a chunk of their counter area for this. They offer regular and spicy - but that's pretty much it. They're very basic renditions.

    2. I've seen it a Whole Foods in Beverly Hills.

      1. Fish King in Glendale always has ahi poke and I think the octopus one. They sometimes have other flavors on special.

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        1. Marukai and Mitsuwa sometimes have ahi poke in their refrigerated deli section but nothing like the selection you would find in Hawaii. Why don't you just make your own? It really isnt that hard... I made 10 lbs for my wedding. you can get ogo and kim chee base from marukai and fresh ahi from costco or any good fish store. That way you an make it to your liking as well. Good luck.

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            I'm definitely a Marukai fan. I tend to visit the downtown LA location. But I wonder if certain Marukai or Mitsuwa locations are better than others for this type of item. Thanks!

            1. re: SushioCity

              No difference.
              At the Marukai in Gardena it's two kinds and pre-packaged and sold by weight. Sometimes I wonder how fresh it is.

          2. Bristol Farms is a good bet but, limited to ahi- spicy and not. Sometimes they have salmon poki but, the ahi is daily. They used to also have an ocotpus version but, no more. I just don't think it's all that popular of an item to warrant general distribution - it's more of a specialty item. I really like the ahi poki at B.F. it's a salad staple for me. If you're looking for some Korean lien, try the prepared counter at a Hang Kook market. I have one near me in Northridge (Devonshire/Reseda) Many prepared fishes, fermented beans and veges. Most have chili paste and will be very spicy. I like the soy sauce based fermented beans (sweet/salty) and octopus salad, not spicy.

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              Hang Kook is an interesting option. I'll have to check that out. Thank you.