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Aug 1, 2009 11:20 AM

where to get cannoli shells?

anyone know where to get some pre-made/fried cannoli shells?

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  1. Supermarkets usually have frozen ones. I've bought unfrozen at Sfizi in Fairfax, they get them from New York, and fill them with the creame if you order cannolis. I would call to see if they'll sell you the empty shells.

    1. Vaccarro's has unfilled cannoli shells. They have stores in Union Station and in Foggy Bottom near the GW campus.

      1. Harris-Teeter sells cannolis in their bakery department. You might give the closest one to you a call to see if they'll sell you unfilled shells. A recent flyer I got from Restaurant Depot lists them, as well as filling, but that's a membership (not hard get a membership card and it's free) place.

        1. Marchone's in Wheaton has them.

          Marchone's Italian Deli
          11224 Triangle Ln, Wheaton, MD