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Aug 1, 2009 11:08 AM

El Azador Greenville NC

Friday through Sunday this could be the best eating option in town. In typical fashion, I way over-ordered and still only spent $27. Pork and Chicken Tamales were excellent. Tacos al pastor killer. Whole barbecued chicken with hand pressed tortillas, rice, beans and salsa rojo and verde was perfect. There are other goodies I wanted to order, including an impressive Caldo de Rez and a lamb stew. For the handful of you in greenville, you really must try this place.

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  1. I need to get off my butt and head back over there. Consomé de borrego might do it.

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    1. re: Naco

      Honestly, half the reason I posted todays lunch was to catch your attention. Whenever my wife will let me, I'll eat at an authentic Mexican joint and El Azador still reigns supreme. When I drive by and the grill shack is billowing with smoke, all other dining options are eliminated.

      1. re: veganhater

        I'm going to see if I can make it tomorrow. You really should try El Mexicanito in Wilson- that's the strongest one I've found in the area. They spit roast their pastor on the weekends, the salsas are superb, and the tortillas are griddled just so to bring out that corn flavor. They do lots of little things really well.

    2. I *finally* made it over tonight. First of all, I'm pretty certain that they've changed owners since I was last there a couple of years ago. The menu is totally different, and while it was pretty good before, it wasn't really worth driving across town. But in its current incarnation, I completely agree that this is the best thing going in Greenville from Fri-Sun. I ordered a whole bbq chicken with huge portions of beans, rice, and tortillas, a few tamales, and three tacos al pastor for a little over twenty dollars.

      The chicken is great- good char, well seasoned, goes really well with the tortillas and salsa. Awesome stuff. Rice was good, beans were just okay, but hardly worth complaining about.

      Of the tamales, I liked the verde(chicken) the best. There was green chile mixed in with the masa that had a great flavor and really made the dish. Tacos al pastor were great, definitely one of the better renditions in the area, but edged out by El Mexicanito IMO, especially on the weekend when El Mexicanito spit roasts their pastor.

      Of the salsas, I very much preferred the verde, which is one of the better examples I've had. I was disappointed in the roja- it wasn't bad by any means, but was a little subpar, especially given the quality of everything else.

      I need to try some more tacos from here, but for right now El Mexicanito is still tops for me when it comes to tacos. They griddle their tortillas perfectly, which I really prefer over steamed tortillas, and their thick, almost chutney like salsas are absolutely mind-blowing.

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      1. re: Naco

        I'm motivated to get to El Mexicanito for spit roasted pastor. Unfortunately, I am not in Wilson that often and Friday and Saturday are bad for me. If they have the spit going on Sundays, I might make a trip tomorrow for lunch.

        As far as El Azador, I'm glad you made the trek across town. The food is really good, and it's a shame so few non-Mexican people get to appreciate it. The other tacos not to be missed are the lengua and barbacoa. If it wasn't so damn hot, I would tuck into their consomme de borrega and caldo de res. We'll have to save them for colder weather.

        1. re: veganhater

          I will be staying in Greenville tomorrow night, does anyone know if El Azador is open Sunday evening???

          Thanks in advance...

          1. re: NXS

            I know they are open during the day, but don't know when they close. Keep in mind there is no beer or wine, and the dining room is utilitarian. Take-out is a good option, in particular if you want a beer to wash down the killer food. I hope you get to check it out,

            1. re: veganhater

              Thanks for your comments, will advise my comments if I try it.

            2. re: NXS

              I pass it on the way in from work sometimes on Sundays- I got into town around 5:30-5:45pm until recently and it would be open, so at least that late. I just hadn't been motivated to try it since it had been only okay under the old owners, and I had my own spots scoped out on my side of town. I'll be headed over there a lot more often now, rest assured.

            3. re: veganhater

              I went again for lunch today at El Mexicanito. So, so good. They way they griddle their tortillas up to a lightly crispy state is just awesome. Hands down the best tacos I've had in NC. I'd have asked about the spit if I'd seen your post first. I'll keep it in mind for next time.

              Honestly though, if you're in Wilson, I'd make a stop even if they aren't spit roasting the pastor that day. The tortillas and salsas really put it into a league of its own.

          2. Finally was able to try the barbacoa at El Azador today. Very good- definitely one of the better versions I've had.

            It looks like Greenville may be catching on to this place- probably half the crowd in there today(and it was busy) were not Latino.

            1. Tried the lunch special combo at El Azador today. They do up three guisados for this, you can pick one, two, or a combination of all three, and you get rice and beans for $6.99. I went with a bit of all three. The choices were chicken, beef, and pork. The chicken was in a very nice bright red chile sauce and was the spiciest of the three, although even this was only mild to moderate spice to my tastes; the pork and beef had a few veggies mixed in, as well. The pork was the mildest. I would say that the beef was my favorite, with the pork and chicken tied. I really liked the sauce that went with the beef.

              Anyway, a great meal all around and recommended if you usually get other stuff here. It is Mon-Fri only though, which is why I hadn't gotten around to trying it until now.

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              1. re: Naco

                I liked what I had at El Azador the first time I tried it a few months ago, will definitely have to go back soon.

                Sidenote: El Picante (I believe that was it's name) on Firetower closed a little while ago.

                1. re: ForagingFoodie

                  Yeah, I noticed that. The last time I tried to go there, they had closed that day or the day before. I know that the widening of Firetower really hurt them; I don't think they were ever able to recover. A shame as they had some really good stuff.

              2. I swear that the salsa verde has gotten better(more of a kick to it) since gringos found this place. I really enjoyed tonight's meal. I thought the salsas were the main weak point, but no more. The verde was spot on the last few times I've been.