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Nov 1, 2004 12:11 AM

Tito's Tacos vs Henry's

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I am a Norcal Chowhound who visits Tito's whenever I am in the LA area. I was wondering how Henry's may or may not compare with the Culver City institution? Much thanks in advance for any insights.

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  1. I've only tried the Tito's in Anaheim and that was back in the 1980's. I wasn't that impressed and wondered why everybody thought this was so great. I've been by the Culver City location but with the long lines I have no desire to wait for bad food.

    I have never heard of Henry's. Please enlighten me.

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    1. re: RUBulldog

      Oprah did a show last week on favorite foods and the Olsen twins chose Henry's tacos in NoHo as their favorite. This makes perfect sense as they do not eat, so they probably have not tasted the food. Perhaps they have really good Diet Coke? Henry's is good if you miss your mom's tacos back in Iowa and your mom is not a very good cook.

      1. re: JJ

        makes perfect sense as they do not eat much lol

    2. Henry's is awesome for what it is: classic gringo hardshell tacos with ground beef, lettuce, cheese, & tomato. Combo burritos with the same cheese, beans, onions & hot sauce. And it's been the same since it opened in 1961.

      I couldn't live without it. The long lines at seemingly any time of day confirm that others feel the same way as well. I like it better than Tito's; had I grown up on the Westside rather than half a mile from Henry's, I might say the opposite.

      A true L.A. classic.

      1. Henry's (NoHo) had me at 'combo burrito' when I was 14. I first tried Tito's in my 30's but it was clearly too late.

        1. Henry's all the way!
          Our family has been going over the hill for Henry's since I was a pup.

          1. They are both disgusting. Why not go to Taco Bell for the same food but cheaper?

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            1. re: Jorge R

              You've obviously not eaten at Henry's if you'd actually compare it to Taco Bell. Henry's is what a Taco Bell strives, but cannot hope, to be.

              1. re: Jack Flash

                And you obviously don't know real Mexican food if you like junk like that

                1. re: Jorge R

                  Well, you might be right, Jorge.

                  or, on the other hand, he just likes a good gringo taco every now and then because of its own attributes. i don't think anyone would really argue that tito's or henry's is good mexican food. personally, i don't like that stuff (i've tried both) and prefer a great taco truck or tacqueria where i can get some real tacos (lengua, al pastor, carnitas). but every once in a while, i admit it. i go to taco bell for a chalupa.

                  by the way, i'm chinese, and i laugh at those who enjoy pf chang's. but hey, every once in a while, i'll sneak into panda express for some orange chicken because, authentic or not, it's tasty!

                  1. re: Jorge R

                    And obviously you didn't bother to read my original post on the subject.

                    What part of the description "classic gringo hardshell taco" reads or can be construed as reading, "real Mexican food?"

                    Gringo = NOT MEXICAN.

                    1. re: Jorge R

                      Jorge, I have been eating at Henry's since the late 1960's as a kid. And no I am not still going there for nostalgia reasons. I spend my hard earned money at places I enjoy eating the food. And I enjoy eating at Henry's. I have never seen a sign there saying "Authentic Mexican Food". Why the arguement about authenticity. Their food and recipes have not changed since they opened. This is the style of Gringo Mexican food they decided to create in the time period they opened. They are not claiming anything about their food. It is just a corner Gringo Taco joint, nothing more and nothing less.

                  2. re: Jorge R

                    Absolutely agree, Jorge R. Haven't tried Henry's but wouldn't give Tito's to my dog. And I only live blocks away.