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Aug 1, 2009 09:45 AM

Wilmington - kid-friendly - near Hagley museum?

We'll be at the Hagley tomorrow (Sunday), and are looking for a good lunch place. It should be kid-friendly, but not necessarily with dumbed down food for the kids. Any suggestions?

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  1. Elizabeth's is a fancy pizza place on Rt 82 near Janssen's market. Most of the pizzas are named after women named Elizabeth, Betty, Liz etc. A little estrogen-rich for me, but decent pizza. Buckley's is kid friendly with OK food further North on Rt 82. Crazy Kat is pricey but great food in Monchainin All are within 10 minutes.

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      Actually, both Buckley's and Elizabeth's are on Rt 52, Kennett Pike, not Rt 82.