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Aug 1, 2009 08:48 AM

Red Door Mission Hills

Tried the new Red Door (former Parallel 33 spot) last night. This is their first week.

We had a house margarita, spinach salad, Caesar salad, burger, pork chop, and their special of pork and halibut cheeks. Two glasses of decent wine, the tab was just shy of $100.

We all loved the fries that came with the burger- thin, crisp, hot and just right. The wine was also very good (sorry, can't remember the name).


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  1. How was the special of pork and halibut cheeks?

    Is it open for lunch?

    1. Out with it Fake. Was the food just horrific? How was the service?

      1. It's their first week, and I'm trying to be fair.

        I understand and appreciate they have a significant investment and are taking a big risk opening a new place in a difficult economic environment. And Mission Hills needs a solid-performing local restaurant.

        We are all certainly hopeful that, over the passage of time, they might completely overhaul the menu, the techniques and other choices used in creating the dishes we had (with the exception of the pomme frites).

        The server was very nice.

        I also spent the last two weeks eating our way through France and Italy, so there is always a culinary backlash when returning home.

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            1. They dont even have a proper website. Are they doing a 'soft opening' or are they just rubbish at marketing? Is it just standard boring american fare? Whats the concept? I guess I'm in a bad monday mood, but I'm going to be really disappointed if I see a menu of burger and chips, spinach salad with warm bacon viniagrette and maybe a sysco warm chocolate cake for dessert?

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              1. re: jennywenny

                "maybe a sysco warm chocolate cake for dessert?"

                Boy did this give me a chuckle :-))

                Amiko Gubbins, former chef of Parallel 33, former restaurant in the space being discussed, is now the executive chef for Sysco.

                1. re: DiningDiva

                  "is now the executive chef for Sysco." - I thought she is at Specialty Produce in San Diego.

              2. Trying to be as kind as possible. I think CH has become a dumping ground of negative comments, and I'm trying to make our online home a bit more pleasant.

                Trust me, if the situation allowed, I could have written how great the presentation was, the service, the sauces, the sides, atmosphere, the concept behind the cuisine, the whimsy with which the menu was created, and the breakthrough in culinary options the place offers it's clientele. I have all the words, and I have an online dictionary AND thesaurus.

                Instead, I'll say I loved the fries, and remind everybody that there have been restaurants that have had terrible opening weeks, and have successfully made the changes necessary to become a solid performer. We can all hope for the best.

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                1. re: Fake Name

                  "Trying to be as kind as possible."

                  Kindness is great, but is it really in the best interest of everyone?

                  Shoot straight.

                  "I think CH has become a dumping ground of negative comments"

                  The question to ask is are the negative comments unwarranted?

                  I see tons of positivity on chowhound.

                  But then again, I am a glass half full kind of guy.