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Aug 1, 2009 08:08 AM

Floyd's Kitchen - Phx

There is a newish restaurant just across from the Paradise Valley Mall (in the Sprouts shopping center) that is my newest crush. It is a fairly small place (maybe 20 tables), in the corner of the strip center.

They serve American influenced food (Burgers, sandwiches), and some other foods as well (mostly Italian influenced - pastas, pizza's, etc). The menu sounds pedestrian, but the experience is anything but.

First off, the place is fairly upscale (table cloths, fancy plates, etc), and the service is top notch (feels like a mom and pop). I have been there 4 times (in six months), and they already recognize me (and make me feel like a regular).

Of course the most important thing, is the food (as that is why we are Chowhounds). All their dishes are just a little better than normal. It is clear that they pay attention to the quality of the ingredients (The microgreens and the tomatoes on the side salad are fresh for instance). The items themselves usually have a little something that make them just a little special (like the pepper aioli that accompanies some of their sandwiches).

My lunch yesterday might server as an example. I had the meatball sub. It came with 5 large meatballs (with mozerella rolled into the center of each meatball). The hoagie roll it came on was chewy and substantial (it held up well to the heft of the sandwich). Their sandwiches come with a choice salad (mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, onion, croutons, and blue cheese), pasta salad, or something else I don't remember (potato chips maybe?). It was clear that everything was prepared fresh. Everything was flavorful (and big portions, I had half the sandwich left over for dinner).

As I mentioned portions are ample, and priced very low (a downright steal for the quality).

I just love this place. It is an independent, and you can tell that the people running the place, want to do something special, and a little different than your normal diner or pub. They are getting noticed, as the place is usually busy when we are in for lunch (yesterday, every table was full). I just wanted to key my fellow Chowhounders into a little gem in our city.

BTW, a realize a gushing review like this might seem like a plant or something. I have absolutely nothing to do with this place, other than being a loyal customer.

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I shop at Sprouts frequently and must say I haven't noticed this place, but now that you've mentioned it, I'll be on the look-out.

    1. I refuse to go to this place simply because they replaced Sammy B's. Obviously I know this is no fault of theirs, and apparently my stubbornness is robbing me of a good meal, but I miss my childhood pizza!

      1. Thanks for posting this review, Booger! I'm definitely going to try it. Looking at their menu, it looks like I'm going to have a hard time deciding what to order. The meatball sammy you described sounds good - any additional standouts?

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          I am a big fan of the Chicken Philly, which is what I get normally. Some other standouts from the group have been the Cajun Chicken Sammy, the Chicken Kabobs, and the meatloaf platter. I tried the fish tacos, and they were only OK.

          We have split the hummus platter as an app a few times. It comes with 3 flavors (jalapenio, red pepper, and regular). The portion was huge, it could easily make a meal in itself. I would bet their deserts would be good, but we have never had room to try them.

          1. re: Booger

            I've only eaten there once, but I think the standouts were more the "comfort" food options (e.g., meatloaf). I ordered the fish tacos and was extremely disappointed - sadly I thought Rubio's could make a better fish taco. But, the bowl of chicken noodle soup was fantastic (and huge portion). Yum.

            1. re: azravengal

              Went to Floyd's for lunch this weekend and loved it! Our party tried the cajun chicken sandwich, stuffed chicken pasta, burger and prime dip. All were excellent, the portions were huge, and waitress had the patience of Job with my difficult family.

              Although we didn't order wine, I took a look at their wine list which though small has some good selections at great prices. The waitress also told us that all glasses and bottles of wine are half price Mondays and Tuesdays. Half price already low priced wine? I'm there!

              Floyd's Kitchen is the best restaurant find I've had all year!

              1. re: AllPhoenix

                I haven't noticed this place at all. I could definitely use a decent place to eat in the PV mall area. Might check it for lunch this week. Thanks :)

        2. We tried Floyd's the other night, since it is fairly close to our place. We got there around 7:30 and it was full, save for one high-top. Luckily, a two-top was just leaving so we sat there. Tara had the pot roast and I had a burger. Her pot roast was excellent. The gravy tasted a lot like Tara's homemade gravy. My burger was good. Tara LOVED the roasted potatoes that came as the standard side with my burger. She absconded with at least half despite my best defensive efforts. The waitstaff was very friendly. We'll definitely go back again. I'm sure Tara will have a craving for those roasted potatoes before too long.
          Total was only $24 before tip for the burger, pot roast, and a soda for Tara. That's about our usual amount at the Chili's across the road from Floyd's where we usually go for a fast, cheap meal.