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Aug 1, 2009 06:38 AM

Mercato in Red Hook, NY

I had one of the most enjoyable dishes I have ever had at Mercato in Red Hook last night: mint gnocchi with lamb and fennel ragu. The gnocchi melted in my mouth with a hint of mint and the ragu had a substantial amount of shredded lamb in a light sauce with a bit of herby flavor. Just so amazing.

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  1. Was this a special or on the regular menu? We will be going there in a few weeks (been once before and I don't recall seeing this dish) and I am a huge fan of gnocchi.

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      We were there for the first time last Thursday, while visiting the area. I believe the gnocchi were part of the regular menu, but don't know how often it's changed. Was great to see so many local products used from producers we were familiar with. Had some grilled polenta with local mushrooms and local goat cheese. Nice arugula salad with fresh black mission figs (thought I was in California for a moment-so often by the time we see "fresh" figs in the local markets, they're past their prime) & local Ewe's Bleu cheese & almonds, farro pizzichieri with roasted tomatoes and Gulf shrimp and a special that the two of us shared- a whole roast red snapper (they brought it out first fresh for inspection) with roast local potatoes and haricots verts. Lemon tart/double espresso for dessert. All washed down with a great bottle of Greco di Tufo. Can't wait to return. Even better was that we got to eat on the porch on a beautiful summer's eve. Inside was nice, but a little hectic. Lots of other great choices that we had to pass up that made choosing difficult. Enjoy when you go.

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        we went for the first time recently....very nice italian food, portions were what SHOULD be normal for that kind of italian (ie. not overflowing bowls ,but enough you walk out satisfied, not bloated). only problem was the service was a bit of a letdown, and it seemed a bit chaotic. but i'd rather have the problem than the reverse (great service, letdown on food).

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        The regular menu changes nearly everyday, with some dishes kept on and others replaced. I also had this gnocchi dish, and it was fantastic. I can't remember the last time I had a lousy meal at Mercato. Good thing I live 2 miles away....

      3. It is my favorite Italian in the area- hands down! Ane I am a local and a native of the area! I have rezzies on Friday for my birthday dinner with friends! It used to be just a small panini shop in town and we became very friendly with the owners.

        I also travel to Italy frequently and this place is what an authentic Italian Trattoria/Ostera is in Italy.

        It's the real deal!

        Here is a review I did when they first opened the new place.

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          I ate there last night. Another fantastic meal. Prosciutto with figs and arugala to start, followed by fantastic risotto with minted lamb ragu. It's really the perfect restaurant, great food, fun atmosphere, excellent wine.