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Aug 1, 2009 05:38 AM

Dinner tonite: how's Cuvee these days?

Thinking of Cuvee or Brigstens for dinner this evening -- never have made it to either (we're fairly recent transplants; live about 90 minutes outside of the city so get there frequently.) Clearly Brigsten's gets a lot of good comments here but haven't seen much here about Cuvee -- have had it recommended by a couple foodie-friends.

And what about Stella? We went when it was new; others in our party raved; not my favorite but decent meal and terrific service then. Still recommended...?


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  1. I would go to Cuvee if I were you. I've been to Brigstens and didn't like my meal at all. I went to Cuvee and really enjoyed everything, although that day was a weekend and service was slow. But the food was so wonderful, and the wine, it was worth waiting for! I have not been to Stella.

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      Thanks! Found out Brigsten's is booked anyway and was about to reserve Cuvee, so your reply was timed perfectly! Thanks a bunch--

    2. friends and i have had the tasting menu at Cuvee and all thought it was very good. generous pours on the accompanying wine, very good service, and a romantic dark ambiance. thumbs up.

      1. Cuvee, believe it or not, was one restaurant we always took out of town guests to when they came to visit. I haven;'t been in over a year, but when we lived in NOLA, it as one of our favorites. Get the foie gras three ways for an appetizer.

        1. Thanks to you both -- late in my reply, but did have anniversary dinner there in Mid-late August and have to admit, was fairly disappointed. My entre was meh, my salad was weird, hubby's appetizer was so-so but he did say his lobster entre was superb.

          I guess the fun thing about having New Orleans food so available is that your standards can become so ridiculously high...!

          Thanks again -- was glad to try it, at least!