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Aug 1, 2009 04:51 AM

Authentic Korean in Sydney


I've got a hankering for some authentic, traditional Korean food with some good Soju to accompany it.

Does anyone know of any good neighbourhood places in Sydney?



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  1. Well it depends where you live for "neighbourhood places". Though if you mean neighbourhoods that have good Korean food, a few suggestions ...

    In the suburbs, Eastwood is a bit of a minor hotspot for Korean food. You'll find most of them on the east side of the railway line. Many specialise in Korean BBQ (I rate the Ttokssam Age ... Tidy, roomy, excellent service and great food). I know Strathfield also sports a number of Korean restaurants, though I have not eaten at any so can't tell you how they rate.

    For the CBD, check out the southern end of Pitt St near Goulburn. Again, you have a bunch of Korean joints within stone's throw of each other. I have had a couple of really great and interesting hotpots around here, and if the 95% Korean clientele are anything to go by, it's pretty authentic.

    Hope this helps!

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    1. re: Tsar_Pushka

      thanks for the reply. I'll check some of them out.

      Can you remember the names of any of the Korean places in CBD perhaps?



      1. re: fergal76

        Sorry I cant remember the exact name either but I can roughly descibe where they are :)

        Opposite world square and the monorail theres 3 or 4 in the one street. One in particular is on second floor next to law courts building. Then theres a few more on that street at ground level.

        A final one that is a bit more trickier to find is around the corner towards the cinemas, it has a large outdoor eatting/drinking courtyard that looks to have the potential to be quite lively on a warmish weekend night.

        Go down the alleyway next door to the pub on George Street and on the LHS you will see the place a bit futrther down. THe alleyway also has a few árt' installations in it.


    2. Try Se Joung...

      It's in Evaline St. Campsie, right on the ramp that leads up to Woolworths

      I think it's run by three Korean women in their 40s or 50s, and anytime I go there I'm about the only non-Korean in the place. It's licenced, too, so I expect it serves soju