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Jul 31, 2009 08:05 PM

Sanur or Red Egg

So im heading to Manhattan and plan to make a stop at Chinatown for either Sanur or Red Egg. I've had authentic Indonesian twice and LOVED eat and eat other authentic SE Asian style dishes regularly, so if Sanur isn't the real deal, someone speak up please. As far as Red Egg, I love Peruvian and have heard amazing things about Peruvian Chinese food, so I was hoping to get the beloved Lomo Saltado and dim sum to share. What does everyone it better to go to Sanur or Red Egg? I keep seeing awesome recommendations for Red Egg, but I know how sometimes people get distracted and rate based on nice decor. I could care less about that, I just want good food. Tell me what you think and recommend a few dishes if you can please :)

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  1. I think Red Egg's menu is more dimsum/ Chinese than Peruvian, perhaps I visited during lunch time so most people ordered dimsum... I have not been to Sanur before but in case you are interested in trying other SE Asian dishes you can check out some of the Malaysian restaurants in Chinatown such as New Malaysia (located in Chinatown Archade, a narrow walkway between Bowery and Elizabeth Street) or Nyonya (across from Ferrara's Italian Cafe/Bakery on Grand Street in Little Italy, which is just north of Canal Street and Chinatown). I know a few other folks here like Skyway but I have not been there before....Just something to keep in mind.

    1. red egg:
      avoid the fusion stuff, stick with the dim sum (many threads say the same, and most avoid discussions of decor), esp. the shumai and other steamed stuff.

      sanur is alright but inda tired; can't really think it's good if you are looking strictly for indonesian; there are very few actual indonesian restaurants in manhattan (aside from bali nusa indah in hell's kitchen) so I'm not sure malaysian will suffice, although that'll be the closest. skyway is definitely nice, new malaysia is dependably good. if you want actual indonesian, you'll have to hit elmhurst for minangasli, mie jakarta or upi jaya (my recent meal at minangasli was great). perhaps laut in union square might be ok but they are a mostly malaysian place although there may be some overlap.

      where did you have authentic indonesian and what dishes did you enjoy?