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Jul 31, 2009 07:36 PM

Red Egg Dish Recommendations

Hi! Im curious to know what everyone's favorite dishes are at Red Egg. Im visiting Manhattan soon and would like some recommendations there. I'd love to know what the satisfaction-guaranteed dishes would be there.

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  1. Here's a review of my recent visit. The rest of this extensive thread will give you more info as to the dishes others have enjoyed.

    1. so you've decided to go with red egg instead of sanur?

      same thread recs: (same as small h

      I stand by my recs on the second thread; the cilantro taro dumplings, shumai, beef balls, the veal chops were pretty good too. and, bear in mind the happy hour special (weekdays between 4pm to 7pm, I believe, half off dim sum and 2-for-1 drinks).