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Jul 31, 2009 07:28 PM

Texas BBQ in Sebastopol !!!

If you consider yourself a connoisseur of Bar-B-Que, do treat yourself to the BBQ Smokehouse in Sebastopol, you won't be sorry. This cookery uses rubs, sauce is served only as a side and on request. There is no Propane or Charcoal to be found on the premisis, all meat is low cooked by hardwood, low heat, and time.

I like eating meat; beef, pork, lamb, chicken, I like most all meat. I especially enjoy moist and flavorful meat that has been prepared with care and attention to detail. I am always sniffing out new establishments that use simple ingredients and prepare unpretentious fare that can be enjoyed in any setting.

I just enjoyed a REAL Texas style Bar-B-Que, right here in Sonoma County. Since I am ever the skeptic, I spent two seperate visits simply interviewing the staff and investigating cooking hardware (a missive device in the parking lot that is typically belching smoke). Being a virgin with this establishment I stuck with the old standby, Pulled Pork and Brisket.

The Pulled Pork was tender, juicey and flavorful, very well balanced with spice and tang. We chose the Mac and Cheese and Slaw as the sides, each are worthy of being consumed in great quantities all alone.

The lovely chunks of tender Brisket were outstanding and most toothesome! This is Brisket that came from a contented steer. They provided a nice light dipping sauce/gravy that certainly was not from a package or over salted, it was perfect with the beef. The Cowboy Beans (side dish) are also made in the kitchen rather than pulled from the Ubiquitous #10 can that one will find in the typical establishment.

For desert we ordered the Icebox Chololate cake with a genuine buttercream frosting. Beware, this is not for the faint of heart and you are likely to become hooked on this morsel.

This establishment is tucked off of the main drag next to the Sebastopol Cinemas, at this time this only patio seating and take-out. Save the cost of travel to Texas and order in tonight.

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  1. There's a few more reports on the attached link. I may be in Sebastopol this weekend and I've been craving cake.

    BBQ Smokehouse
    6811 Laguna Park Way, Sebastopol, CA 95472

    1. Recently certified KCBS judge found pork ribs done perfectly with forensically acceptable bite marks on first taste. Ribs meaty with good taste. Would have it again. Prefer mac and cheese gooier and cheesier but still ok.

      1. Unfortunately my experience yesterday was quite unlike yours. I stopped for takeout and found the young woman behind the register pleasant and efficient. It was the product I took home that disappointed. I started with an a la carte order of rib tips. This proved to be four small rib ends that were barely charred but certainly very tasty. But for $4.50 there was no value for the dollar. The side of mac and cheese tasted like Stouffer's, and though I like Stouffer's I certainly expect more from a professional kitchen than the taste of a frozen entree. The much praised stuffed new potatoes were slightly undercooked and the "stuffing" had the size,shape, and thickness of a nickel. Nothing to excvite your taste buds. And now for the one pound of brisket I took home. Following their careful but easy instructions I spread the brisket in a pan and added the small container of juice (basically au jus) they packed with the meat. There wasn't enough to cover but I did the best I could, slowly reheating the meat per the instructions. Unhappily, it was bone dry. Although the meat was nicely smoked it lacked everything I relish in Texas BBQ. There were no carmelized bits of rub, in fact no taste of rub at all. There was no fat or marbling whatsoever, and the cut tasted more like round than brisket. The slices were short, stubby and thick . Haven't they learned how to slice a brisket!? For $19 a pound I know these guys can do better. But right now I think they should go back to the smoker and rethink their menu. Sorry if that stings, but the brisket I make on my Cajun grill is a whole lot tastier.