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Jul 31, 2009 07:13 PM

lobster roll Hartford area

Any suggestions?

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  1. Hello!
    You didn't specify whether you're looking for a lobster salad roll or hot lobster roll.
    For a hot lobster roll in Hartford you can't miss at Tinker's seafood. I've never been to the one downtown but I've had many a roll at the Park St. location. Theirs is on a french roll rather than the standard NE style hot dog roll. I dig it. Just chunks of lobster on a big roll and the price is WAY better than you're likely to find anywhere else. I think it's $11.95 and comes w/ decent fries (I order them well done) and coleslaw (that I don't eat). My tip is to get the butter on-the-side.
    Also on the Berlin Turnpike is the Blue Lobster and they have a good hot butter l'roll that if I recall correctly, is served on the standard NE hot dog bun. They may also have a lobster salad roll too. Lastly, I can't vouch for this one personally but I just heard of a killer lobster salad roll at the Fernwood restaurant in Elmwood in West Hartford.

    Do let us know of your findings and ENJOY!

    1. Deepwater up in Avon has 3 types, lists them. I haven't tried it since I don't like lobster, but their other stuff is very good.

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        I forgot about this place. I've had the lobster scampi roll. It's basically a hot lobster roll with garlicky butter. Not too shabby!

        1. re: masha bousha

          Thanks both of you for the suggestions. I don't suppose you can suggest a wine store as well?

          1. re: absc

            I'm guessing you mean something more than your usual package store? I'm not a wine-girl myself but there's a place near WH center on Raymond Road that's known to be decent for wine (my wino-Aunt has pointed me there to pick up vino for her house on holidays) and I think it's called West Side Wines.
            Hopefully someone more knowledgeable can fill in the gaps on that one.

            1. re: masha bousha

              Yep. West Side Wines will hook you up. Raymond Rd., in West Hartford Center. Access it from Whole Foods parking lot.

            2. re: absc

              In downtown Hartford your are pretty much limited to Spiritus on Asylum Street. Good, high-end selection of wines, but it is impossible to pay more if you tried.

              East of the River (and I am limiting this to places you can get to in 5-7 minutes from downtown):
              Putnam Liquors in East Hartford. "Big Box" liquor store, but they have a very good wine selection and about the best prices you can find in the area.
              M&R in Glastonbury. Medium size shop with good selections.
              Blue Heron in Glastonbury. A smaller boutique wine shop with friendly service and some unique wines that the big (read as "pressured by the distributor") places don't carry.
              West of the river (these places are a bit further from downtown both in terms of mileage and driving time):
              Toast in downtown West Hartford. Small boutique with unique selections as well as some standard favorites.
              Dot.Com in West Hartford-medium sized wine shop with fair prices and a range of good wines from high end to everyday quaffers.

              Not sure if you are local to the area or visiting, but if you are not from Connecticut, be warned that we Nutmeggers pay just about the highest prices possible for wine. Bottles that cost us $30 are routinely found for $8 to $10 less in places like New Jersey or New Hampshire.

              1. re: absc

                I'm a fan of Dotcom wines in Bishop's Corner. I can grab Bud Light for me, and fancy wine for the missus at the same time.