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Jul 31, 2009 06:12 PM

Dinner "Specials" in Los Angeles

I've realized that as much as I'd love to try a ton of restaurants in LA, I simply can't afford it. But I have been hearing of many places having a special menu one day a week at a discount. We went to Osteria Mozza and had the Amaro Bar Menu 3-course meal ($35 including wine!) which was great. And Lucques has the $45 Sunday suppers. What other great restaurants offer these types of specials, where you can get a great meal at a more reasonable price?

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  1. STK is offering special pricing on Fridays, entrees starting at $12, reservation required.
    Sushi Roku has a fantastic happy hour with special prices on drinks and appetizers.
    I'm blanking out because I've heard of many more restaurant specials than this.
    I'll post again when I think of them.

    1. Hatfield's is doing a spring special with any app, entree, and dessert off the menu for $49. You'll have to go soon, their last night before they move is 8/8 and then they reopen in September (according to other in the board).

      1. CAFE DEL REY offers a $44 three course menu every night.
        since their al la carte entrees normally run from the high 20's to the low 30's, this is a very good deal.
        they also offer a two course lunch special at around $22/pp

        delicious food
        beautiful environment
        good service
        solid wine list
        you could start your dinner in the bar area, order your wine off the happy hour list ($6 glasses of respectable-quality wine) and take your glasses with you to the dining room to finish your meal.

        if you want to spend even less money, stay in the bar and order both drinks and food off the happy hour menu (shrimp coctail, 5 shrimp, cost $7, i believe the calimari costs about the same amount) the food served for happy hour at cafe del rey is honest-to-god good food turned out by a high-end kitchen, not the deep fried institutional happy hour slop so many restaurants feel is adequate.

        1. Dominick's in West L.A. and Little Dom's in Los Feliz have Sunday and Monday night dinners, respectively. Three courses for $15 and they list them on the website. They also offer $10 bottles of "Dago Red & White" and reduced prices on Moretti beer....I think it's $2 a bottle.

          1. I just got a "post" card in the snail mail saying that the Chart House is running a 3 course special for $29.95 through (IIRC) September.

            ADD: Roy's has their $35 for 3 course special. The menu changes during the year depending on the season. 2117 on Sawtelle also has a 3 course special for $38 (I think).

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              This seems to be a trend, using snail mail to try and get some business in LA restaurants. Yesterday I got a one page "letter" from Porterhouse Bistro in Beverly Hills advertising a 30% off deal on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (less of a discount on the other days).

              What that means is, for their regular prix fixe of 4 course AND 2 cocktails per person, you will now pay $30.24 for the same deal. This is good through Thursday, Sept. 10th.

              They don't say anything about having to have the letter in your possession.

              I gotta say, 4 courses AND 2 drinks for $30. That's some deal.

              Porterhouse Bistro
              8635 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211

              1. re: Servorg

                Servorg, You're a valued contributor to CH but I gotta respectfully and emphatically disagree. In my opinion, neither Chart H or Roy's comes close to meeting OP's requirement for great food. Chart House has never impressed me w/ their food and last time -and I do mean last time (Marina Del Rey) both dishes were bad. My crab stuffed sole was mushy with no flavor let alone crab flavor. Tried Roy's $35 special. Like Chart House, it lived down to chain resto reputation for corporate cookie cutter boring.

                1. re: ilikefood

                  I agree with Chart House but I read good things about Roy's, especially their chocolate lava cake.

                  I mean, for $35, isn't it a better deal than most chains?