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Some flavors spotted at SCOOPS today...

Just because it's a great day for ice cream...

I couldn't remember all the flavors, but here are some standouts:

brown bread (of course)
strawberry + sour cream
pomegranate + yuzu
banana + Irish cream
blueberry + ricotta
pistachio + black pepper
sea salt malt
pear + lychee sorbet

Thank you, Tai. You are a jewel in our fair city.

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  1. Whoohoo! Thanks. Heading out tonight, nice to know what's there.

    1. Damn, blueberry + ricotta and sea salt malt....

      You just made a sale!

      1. i'll take a scoop each of strawberry + sour cream and blueberry + ricotta. anyone want to pack it in some dry ice and FedEx it to me? ;)

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        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          those are the two I want so if I ever see them there... what's your address : )

        2. Thanks I don't need pepper in my ice cream. I'm looking for Grapenut, Lemon Meringue, Peppermint Stick and Coffee Fudge Royale.

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          1. re: jackattack

            Don't knock it til you tried it - that pistachio + black pepper combo is good!

          2. Came back with 6 pints: 2 of sea salt malt, 1 each of black currant + lime, cranberry + guava, hazelnut + chai, and banana + irish cream. I passed on the pomegranate + yuzu. Just barely. And just because I'd already gotten six pints (and the friend I was there with had gotten four) and was afraid I was going to be stoned by the throng of people behind me. (I was there less than an hour till closing time.)

            This joins the half-eaten pints of cinnamon + stout and mocha + almond in my freezer.

            3 trips in 8 days at 50 miles per round trip. *sigh*

            Addiction is a terrible thing.

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            1. was there last night as well. Had the Carmel Ricotta and Guinness Chocolate. Amazing!! Hubby had the brown bread and guinness chocolate.

              1. Just went. None of the flavors you mention were there, not even the brown bread! I was looking forward to the sea salt malt. We were satisfied nonetheless.

                I had raspberry + yuzu and lemon + lychee (amazing)
                Bf had chocolate + Jim Beam and pistachio + honey (anything pistachio is amazing at Scoops)

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                1. re: missyp

                  They change it up daily! Your selections sound yum, too.

                2. Ciao tutti,
                  I had the salt malt last night after eating at M Cafe de Chaya and it was incredible. Salty an sweet at the same time. The best gelato in LA. They were at Plate by Plate tonight with gelato beer floats. Is anyone more creative than Tai.

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                  1. re: italiancountry

                    My only complaint about Scoops is they never answer their phone. We drive a long ways to their store and would appreciate it if we could find out beforehand if they have a flavor we wanted. Be nice if they listed their "flavors of the day" on their message machine, or on a website.

                    1. re: Galen

                      Great idea! I stopped going because there were so many sold out flavors on my last few visits........

                  2. I was disappointed with our recent (and only) visit to Scoops this past weekend on Saturday afternoon.

                    We tasted several flavors; none really grabbed me. The brown bread was interesting with the tasty bits of Grape Nuts, but the vanilla flavoring was a bit overwhelming to my tastebuds. The soy-based offerings left me with an unappealing artificial taste in my mouth and I didn't like their texture.

                    Since we had gone out of our way for an afternoon treat, I felt as though I needed to settle on something. I ordered the pear-lychee sorbet which was flavorful, but a little too sweet. In all of the ice creams, I would have liked some pieces of real fruit and less sugar!

                    When we were done, there were several customers using the sprinkles. I tasted the chocolate ones and found them to be vile...very artificial. I have had chocolate sprinkles that tasted like the good chocolate that they were; these were of poor quality.

                    There is are a lot of other choices around for ice cream, so I won't be returning to Scoops.

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                    1. re: liu

                      Scoops will inevitably disappoint if you like your ice cream on the chunky side.

                      I don't like vegan/soy based ice creams to begin with, so I focus only on Tai's milk based creations. I also don't enjoy sorbet as much, so again, I focus on milk-based flavors.

                      I, for one, never add sprinkles on to my ice cream - if my little nephews want them, then that's why I suppose they put sprinkles there.

                      My advice for maximizing your 1st visit to Scoops: Go inside and ask for a sampling spoon of every milk-based flavor (yes, every flavor) - The counter staff are very kind and accommodate such requests regularly - I do it every time. This way, you can see for yourself before you plunk down your money for a scoop or pint.

                      1. re: J.L.

                        Thanks, J.L., for your response. I can hear your enthusiasm for Scoops!
                        I don't really like chunky ice cream, but I like the flavor of the real ingredients. I did taste several; you are quite right that everyone was very friendly and generous with their tastes. I found that most of the ice creams were too sweet or just lacking something "real."

                        Regarding the sprinkles -- most of the customers that I saw adding sprinkles were not young children. It makes no sense to me that a shop would serve "fine" ice cream products and then use substandard add-ons.

                        Nevertheless, the flavors are fun and I can understand Scoops' attraction.

                        1. re: liu

                          I wrote this elsewhere but I think my main issue with Scoops is one of texture. Great flavors but I prefer my gelato on the firmer side. As someone else wrote, it could be that it's simply not cold enough, and therefore, less solid. Either way, myself and the folks in my party all liked the flavors but all of us also thought it was a bit too on the airy side to our liking.

                          1. re: odub

                            odub -- I completely agree with you about our ice cream and sorbet being too soft.
                            I eat ice cream pretty quickly, and my sorbet was soup before I was half finished -- and I had the kid's size! We also had a brown bread which melted very quickly!

                            1. re: liu

                              Just go to Fosselman's after one of your jaunts to Elite for dim sum. :-)

                              1. re: ipsedixit

                                Hey, ipsedixit...how did you know? You are SO silly!
                                Of course, we were at Elite this past Saturday morning (while you were at Sea Harbour!!!)...terrific as always!

                                I have been to Fosselman's and like it a LOT, but Elite usually holds me until late afternoon or even dinner, and by then we are usually too far from Fosselman's. I'm waiting and waiting and waiting for them to open in Westlake Village along with a branch of many other of my faves.

                            2. re: odub

                              Is it Gelato or is it ice cream? I can't eat Gelato, too much cholesterol.

                                1. re: jillso

                                  Not too long ago I looked at an online source for cholesterol contained in Baskin-Robbin's and each scoop had at least twice as much cholesterol as that found in a scoop of Mondo Gelato. Maybe I'm getting bad net info (it happens more often than anyone would believe). What are your findings about cholesterol in Gelato vs. Ice Cream that lead you to believe that it's higher in Gelato?

                        2. Just went today and grabbed a scoop each of Brown Bread, Mascarpone/Oreo, Chocolate/Orange, and Pistachio.

                          Can I just reiterate how freaking aweome Tai is? Holy Moly!!!

                          1. Their pear + lychee sorbet was amazing. The lychee flavor stood out but it paired so perfectly with the undertone of pear.

                            Went last week, got a sample of their mascapone + miso. Yuck! Warning, that's one to avoid.

                            Sorry Scoops, I always tell the truth.

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                            1. re: SmokeyDoke

                              The combos are not always winners, as Smokey has just attested...

                              Grape & bacon comes to mind... I'd rather forget that one.

                              1. re: J.L.

                                Avocado pale ale on the other hand was a winner with me.

                                I love his soy-based flavors as I can't eat milk.

                                1. re: choctastic

                                  His non-dairy flavors are the best I've ever had anywhere. I want to try avocado pale ale - amazing combo!

                                  1. re: lexicaljewel

                                    I hope he has the avocado pale ale again because it really blew me away.

                            2. Goat cheese + lavender, popcorn, strawberry sour cream, caramel + Marsala wine are all good today.

                              Almost no non-dairy choices left, just some cherry chocolate that I didn't try because that wasn't the mood I was in.

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                              1. re: lexicaljewel

                                I went back today around 4PM - very little selection left. Ended up with the always-dependable Brown Bread...

                                I'll stick to going on Tuesdays or Fridays, but not weekends.

                                1. re: J.L.

                                  what time does he close on sundays?


                                  and has anyone seen him dole out the foie gras scoops antymore


                                  1. re: kevin

                                    When did he start opening on Sundays?

                                    1. re: choctastic

                                      Around a year or two ago, I think.

                                      Sunday hours are 2-6pm.

                                  2. re: J.L.

                                    Argh! You must have gotten the last of the Brown Bread. By the time I got there around 5 - 5:15, there were only four flavors left, and those weren't what I was in the mood for -- popcorn, Lavendar/Goat Cheese, and a couple of others that just weren't doing it for me.

                                    I ended up at Mashti Malones with some Rosewater/Ginger, which is good but not something that cures my hankerin' for some Brown Bread.

                                    I, too, think I will stick to weekdays, or no later than very early afternoon on the weekends.

                                    ... sigh ...

                                2. I've tried Scoops about five times now, but I just can't get on the bandwagon. Problem? Not enough flavor. Everything tastes like plain ice cream with 50% of the flavor you'd expect from the name. Banana? Nope, more like vanilla with a hint of banana. Irish cream? Same. Mascarpone? Same. (There's a mascarpone gelato at a place in San Francisco that blows my mind.) Brown bread? It's pretty good ... but still tastes a lot like vanilla with a little bit of other stuff. If any of you know Toscanini's on the east coast, they've long had a Guinness flavor. It actually tastes like honest-to-goodness Guinness, they mix in the right amount to not be overpowering but still deliver the goods. The Guinness flavor I had at Scoops? (I think it was a mix but I can't remember.) I had to slowly concentrate with the ice cream in my mouth for like 20 seconds to find the flavor of the Guinness. This is coming from someone who loves all forms of ice cream, I'm the least picky ice cream eater out there. I really respect the place, and it's obviously super high quality and what flavor I do taste is fantastic, and I'll happily patronize it if it happens to be nearby, but I'm done going out of my way to make it there. It's chalked up in the overrated column for me.

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                                  1. re: QualityMart

                                    I posted earlier, and I'm with you, QualityMart.