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Jul 31, 2009 05:31 PM

Some flavors spotted at SCOOPS today...

Just because it's a great day for ice cream...

I couldn't remember all the flavors, but here are some standouts:

brown bread (of course)
strawberry + sour cream
pomegranate + yuzu
banana + Irish cream
blueberry + ricotta
pistachio + black pepper
sea salt malt
pear + lychee sorbet

Thank you, Tai. You are a jewel in our fair city.

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  1. Whoohoo! Thanks. Heading out tonight, nice to know what's there.

    1. Damn, blueberry + ricotta and sea salt malt....

      You just made a sale!

      1. i'll take a scoop each of strawberry + sour cream and blueberry + ricotta. anyone want to pack it in some dry ice and FedEx it to me? ;)

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        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          those are the two I want so if I ever see them there... what's your address : )

        2. Thanks I don't need pepper in my ice cream. I'm looking for Grapenut, Lemon Meringue, Peppermint Stick and Coffee Fudge Royale.

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          1. re: jackattack

            Don't knock it til you tried it - that pistachio + black pepper combo is good!

          2. Came back with 6 pints: 2 of sea salt malt, 1 each of black currant + lime, cranberry + guava, hazelnut + chai, and banana + irish cream. I passed on the pomegranate + yuzu. Just barely. And just because I'd already gotten six pints (and the friend I was there with had gotten four) and was afraid I was going to be stoned by the throng of people behind me. (I was there less than an hour till closing time.)

            This joins the half-eaten pints of cinnamon + stout and mocha + almond in my freezer.

            3 trips in 8 days at 50 miles per round trip. *sigh*

            Addiction is a terrible thing.

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