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Jul 31, 2009 04:42 PM

kid-friendly and quick lunch tomorrow in or near Kingston Plaza?

My 3 yr. old and I are going on the Catskill Mountain Train Ride that does a 2 mile loop around Kingston. We need a quick lunch beforehand. I've never been to that part of Kingston. Is there something in the plaza or very nearby that would work.

Note: I have to go earlier to the Barnes and Noble on 9W in Kingston and my back-up plan would be to just go to Five Guys and then shoot up to Kingston Plaza. Five Guys is my son's sort of place so that would work but if there's anything similar near our train destination, I'd consider that too. He's pretty much pizza, pasta, hot dogs, fries.

I should also note that I will not go to a chain much bigger than Five Guys (so no McDonalds).


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  1. There is a pizza place (by the slice) at the opposite end of Kingston Plaza from where the train ride starts.