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Jul 31, 2009 04:36 PM

pricey restaurant recommendation


Would like to splurge on an expensive restaurant meal. I have been to Michael Mina and plan on going to Gary Danko soon. I'm thinking of Fleur De Lys or Jardiniere. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I'm curious about Gitane also.

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  1. Gitane is not in the same class as Mina and Danko.

    For a discussion of fine dining in SF, see and follow the links.

    1. Neither is Jardiniere.

          1. Gitane is definitely really good though.

            Jardiniere can be in that price range depending on what you order.

            I strongly recommend Spruce (again, in Jardiniere's price range).

            However, if you're looking for something different/non-traditional; Aziza has a $55 tasting menu which I cannot say enough good things about - they also have pricey drinks - I haven't tried their cocktails yet but I hear incredible things.

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              Just got back from Gitane, and it was good but not great. For once, I think the mains were better than the appetizers, although the squid was fairly decent. (the pork was particularly good and perfectly cooked; the beef was tender and okay -- but I tend to think most beef is lacking in flavor, so I'm not the best judge here.) I also like the papas bravas, which really were not that but think wedges that offered 3 dipping sauces, one of them the (excellent) brava sauce.

              The cocktail menu doesn't live up to the descriptions either in most cases, atlhough the wine and sherry list is good. Pleasant enough service and atmosphere for the most part. Would probably not go again on my own nickel.

              For similar flavor components I'd prefer Fly Trap -- while not everything is perfect there, I had more things that really pleased me than Gitane did.

              OH -- and Aziza is definitely better than Gitane for many things, especially their Bastilla and cocktails.