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Jul 31, 2009 03:44 PM

terraces, hidden patios, roof top dining 2009

Now that sunny weather looks like it has arrived for awhile I thought I would start a section for new reports on those sidewalk terraces, the garden patios in back and the rooftop or balcony terraces that we have so very much enjoyed in past Montreal summers. What are your experiences this year with the food and ambience in your al fresco dining outing....

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  1. I hate dining outside usually because the terrasses are on on front and I am not a fan of having dinner with cars passing by! That said, I love the one at Khyber pass that is in the back. It is pleasant and the food is good and not too expensive. I love their, even if it is summer, homemade soup. I don't know the one but is the one without lentils.

    1. No responses yet?? It's not new, but I guess my favourite would be pond, trees, kittycats, heaters when it's chilly. I've been meaning to try Boris Bistro which I hear has a terrasse - we drove by it the other day and didn't see one out front so assume it must be a hidden one. I had a really good burger and skinny fries and some sangria at Les folies/ La folie (?) on Mont Royal, a block or 2 east of St. Denis - nice terrasse, back from the street a bit.

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        You can't miss the terrasse at Boris Bistro - it's a very large outdoor room, but behind an old building facade. It is one of the nicest in the city - too bad the food doesn't come close to measuring up...but I guess for a drink it would be okay.

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          I think i should have waited til sept. to post terrace section, weather not cooperating! We have gone several times to boris bistro but mainly for martinis, it is along sidewalk on side of restaurant

      2. Joe Beef restaurant has a terrace that they open in the summer. Never eaten at Joe Beef, so I don't know the details. 2-3 years ago, during the summer in the terrace they were offering things like a clambake & 'parking lot BBQ.' Not sure if they're still doing it, or doing something else.

        1. I would have never noticed that place had i not ran into someone on the street who was going there and dragged me with her, but Place D'armes Hotel has a bar on its top floor terrace. Very nice view. Not wheelchair accessible.

          Can't tell you if the drinks are good since i was pregnant on my only visit there :)

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            i have been admiring the palm trees en haut as i walked around old montreal, but i see from your posting that they serve brunch 11-15h sat. and suns, so next time visitors/family come i am going to go there for brunch mainly for the view and ambience, thanks

          2. Summer was yesterday, (sorry 'bout that).