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Jul 31, 2009 03:44 PM

FLUSHING DIM SUM: what are your fave places

i hear flushing dim sum is best in NYC

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  1. Search is your friend.

    The ones that come up most are Ocean Jewels, Jade Asian, Gala Manor, Guang Zhou Restaurant aka Perfect Team Corporation.

    1. ya out of all these; I think we'll be hitting up perfect team; most consistent and good.

        1. re: chefjellynow

          Had dim sum at Jade Asian this weekend, in the past have been a big fan of ocean jewels but I thought we would try something new. Not too much traffic driving into flushing, yes we drove because I wanted to stop off in Assi plaza to pick up some lunch/dinner items for the week. Had an atrocious time looking for parking in the municipal lot across the street, drove around for a while and finally decided to look else ware. We would up parking in a private lot few blocks away and walking back to 39th street. Once we were inside we were seating within a few minutes at a table with another couple, which never bothers me. They offered us tea and then brought us forks immediately, yes I know I am white but that doesn’t mean I can’t use chop sticks. I realize many people probably ask for forks and maybe they were trying to save time by automatically handing us a pair, but I was still a bit offended, sorry.
          I thought the selection and quality was slightly below that of ocean jewels, it was also about 90 degrees inside, we were all fanning ourselves with menus, maybe that’s why I didn’t holey enjoy the experience. I think in the future I will stick with Ocean Jewels.

          1. re: Asumnuthin

            thats a weird experience...well sitting with another table (thats very normal unless you're with a big group) and them giving you a fork is not a weird experience, i think they generally do that for anyone they think is not chinese (although I can see why you might be offended as it is implicitly racist). But, I don't remember it ever being hot in there and I also think their selection is probably on par with OJ and I think the quality is better and more consistent

            To the original post, I'd go to either Perfect Team or Jade Asian. Perfect Team's selection is not as broad as most other places, but the quality is good and is definitely the most consistent. I like Jade Asian as they have a good selection and I think the quality is good (i've eaten at every dim sum place in flushing several times)

            1. re: Lau

              I wouldnt not go back, I will just chalk it up to a bad eperience, espcially with all the positive reviews I have read on here re the place
              same reason i ventured out there in the first place

              1. re: Lau

                As a dim sum lover, who's also vegetarian, I know that only some of the best places will work well for for me - if any. Does anyone have a sense if any of these tantalizing Flushing dim sum restaurants work for vegetarians?

                I appreciate Buddha Bodhai for its vegetarian dim sum, but do love the "real" dim sum places too.

                1. re: round2

                  i think you'll have somewhat of a difficult time b/c most dim sum is meat based in some fashion or another

                  there is a buddha bodai in flushing although i have no idea whether it is good or not

                  1. re: Lau

                    There are some great dim sum places in SF that work well for vegetarians too, like Ton Kiang and especially Yank Sing. They're not the lower priced everyday places though.

                2. re: Lau

                  I tried Guang Zhou Restaurant aka Perfect Team Corporation last w/e. Yes, they do not have great variety, but who needs all that when the few major ones they have are all excellent.

                  I had the best sticky rice in lotus leaf there. Juicy, full of flavor and it came in smaller pieces of 3 (usually they're 2 larger pieces) which helped the flavor.