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Jul 31, 2009 03:26 PM

world tong chinese restaurant/ bensonhurst

some say it has the best dim sum in NYC. are you a fan??

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  1. It's pretty darn good

      1. D'oh! Tried to keep it hush-hush :) Yeah, one of my better experiences, and I'm picky as heck. First time I went, (my friend introduced me to it) boss was on premises, so service was very speedy. He seemed very much on top of what was going on. Food was decent. The rice noodle rolls with the sweet hoisin and peanut sauce is one of my faves there. I like the vibe very much, even though the restaurant is not very large by NYC standards, so expect a decent wait. Definitely, worth going, if you can make it to 18th Ave.

        1. While the dim sum is still really good here, does anyone know if the management has changed? The tally of dishes says "Very Tong" on it (even though the sign outside still says "World Tong"), and most of the staff seems different from the last time I was here. Plus, they've posted lots of pictures and signs all around the restaurant which I hadn't noticed before.

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  's been like a year since I was last there. The boss that I knew was a relatively skinny guy. He walks around the place and even does some of the serving himself. Very hands-on, like nothing's beneath him. I liked that a lot.