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Jul 31, 2009 03:24 PM

Clemente's - Crabs in Sheepshead Bay

Wondering if anyone has been to Clemente's in Sheepshead Bay. Is it worth the trek from Manhattan on a Saturday (will it be crazy packed)? Is the seafood amazing, or are there better places for crabs, lobster rolls and oysters in the city?


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  1. It can be great on somedays .
    Try London Lennies on Woodhaven Blvd.
    You have so many places to choose in NYC ?

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    1. re: FAL

      How does Clemente's compare overall to Jordan's? I know Jordan's doesn't have crabs, but how do they compare otherwise?

      1. re: jdf

        i've never been to jordan's and i have yet to do clemente's this year. however, i've enjoyed clemente's immensely in the past.. i cannot attest to the lobster rolls or other dishes, but the crabs are fantastic. you can get a better selection of oysters in manhattan, but you cannot eat fresh crabs to your hearts desire, while looking at the water, and listening to frank sinatra in manhattan. at least not for 30 bucks.

    2. We went to Clemente's instead of Back Forty's Crabfest on a Tuesday. Hard to find but so worth it. Like a little excursion with great crabs, crabcakes, popcorn shrimp and it's hard to beat being surrounded by boats while having seafood for dinner.

      1. I haven't been to Clemente's but I have been to Jordans. Food is okay and if you eat outside you are basically looking at parking lots. Not worth the trek from Manhattan.