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Jul 31, 2009 03:18 PM

Lake Ridge Restaurant (Round Lake)

We went to Lake Ridge Restaurant in Round Lake (me for the first time) earlier this month. We sat in the dining room opposite the host station. I also took a peak at the bar area (behind the room we were in). Now on to the food:


*Artichoke souffle - good. Would probably not get it again.
*Escargot - very good. Served non-traditionally in french bread.
*Sea scallops pan seared with sesame seaweed salad and finished with curry bell pepper vinaigrette - very, very good. Scallops cooked perfectly.


*Duck breast pan seared to medium and presented with a southern comfort, black cherry demi glace - duck was cooked medium rare, very tender. Sauce was delicious.

We had espresso and dessert. I'm a little behind in my reports and it's showing as I try to remember all the wonderful food we've been eating. Can't remember much about dessert except that it was really good. Service was excellent. After a recent dinner out elsewhere with an inexperienced server, Lake Ridge reminded me what a difference an experienced server makes.

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  1. Went again last night. Sat in a different room. Even better then the first time. We had a "special" appetizer - mushrooms and crab in pastry. Had the panko crusted eggplant napolean app. It was very good.

    For entrees we had the "special" pheasant with moroccan spices, apricot and rice. Really good. SO had the seafood stew.

    We had espresso and a chocolate walnut cake.

    Excellent service again thanks to Yvonne.

    1. Went to Lake Ridge recently. Had the escargot app and duck entree (one of their best dishes). Escargot sauce tasted a little vinegary to me. It wasn't served in the French bread. Unfortunately they didn't have the mushroom in pastry special . . .

      1. Anyone been recently?

        I think the last time few times I went it was for lunch. I had salmon caesar salad. Another time the chicken chipotle sandwich. Very good.

        With Villago not open yet and Strata closing soon, it might be time to get back to Lake Ridge.

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            I believe Villago opened last night.

            Husband and I went to Lake Ridge a few weeks ago. We had two appetizers: Artichoke soufflé and Lobster Betty. The soufflé was good but rich enough that I could only eat a few bites and took the rest home. Husband said the Lobster Betty was delicious. For entrees we had the porcini chicken and the seafood stew. Both were delicious and so rich that about half came home with us. We were too full for dessert. Excellent food, service and value.